Video: Why Do Women's Clothing Not Have Pockets?
Video: Why Do Women's Clothing Not Have Pockets?

Women over the globe for a while now have had one woe for a very long time – why do we not have pockets?

Well, this is more than just a fashion choice, and goes a long way back into gender politics. Women were not always deprived of this very useful part of our attire. Fashion historians trace the loss of women’s pockets, and the increasing dependency on handbags, to the late 18th-early 19th century. Once upon a time, everyone carried bags. In the Medieval era, both men and women tied their bags to the waist or wore them suspended from belts. So when did they vanish from our attire?

Times have changed and so has fashion but it still seems like the demand for pockets is going unheard, check out this video below to see the sexist history of denying pockets to women!

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