Afghan women and girls are now faced with an uncertain, horrifying, and dangerous situation, as Taliban took over majority of Afghanistan. Women from several sectors had voiced their concern and fear. With life at the brink, we take you through the plight of Afghan women in their own words! 


“If the Taliban take over they will ban all art. I and other filmmakers could be next on their hit list. Just in these few weeks, the Taliban have destroyed many schools and 2 million girls are now forced out of school once again.”

AISHAA (name changed)- News Anchor, Political Talk Show Host

“For many years, I worked as a journalist … to raise the voice of Afghans, especially Afghan women. But now our identity is being destroyed and we have done nothing to deserve this. In the last 24 hours, our lives have changed and we have been confined to our homes, and death threatens us at every moment.”

WAHIDA SADEQI- 11th Grade Student

“I am so worried about my future. If the Taliban take over, I lose my identity.”

MAHBOOBA SERAJ- Founder, Afghan Women’s Network

“The world should be ashamed of what they did to Afghanistan. What’s happening in Afghanistan will put the country behind by 200 years.”


“I have nearly completed two simultaneous degrees from two of the best universities in Afghanistan. I should have graduated in November. But today when I reached home, the very first thing my sisters and I did was hide our IDs, diplomas and certificates. Now it looks like I have to burn everything I achieved.”

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“The Taliban know about our whereabouts. They have already gathered all the information they need. So there is no way for us to hide or to stay.”

NASREEN SULTANI- School Principal

“I am very sad. When I see all these girls, I get really upset now. I tried, but we couldn’t manage to make sure that women get out of this miserable situation. I have been received threats from the Taliban and they have threatened to kill me. I still tried to keep the girls motivated to study.”

ANONYMOUS- Afghan Journalist

“I had to flee my home and life in the north of Afghanistan after the Taliban took my city. I am still on the run and there is no safe space for me to go. Last week I was a news journalist. Today I can’t write under my own name, or say where I am from or where I am going. My whole life has been obliterated in just a few days.”

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