MultimediaPodcasts Podcast: Is Censorship The Death Of Art? Ft. Nandita Das

Podcast: Is Censorship The Death Of Art? Ft. Nandita Das

In this episode, we talk to actor and filmmaker Nandita Das about censorship and freedom of expression.

At the face of it, censorship seems fairly straight forward. There’s a board that gives you a certificate – and that’s that, right? Um, not really! Censorship, with every passing day is getting more and more complex, with more questions than answers. Are we censoring ourselves online? Who decides what needs to be hidden away? Why is the fate of content consumption of an entire nation put in the hands of a few? 

Joining our hosts Nishtha and Sukanya to go over all this and much more is the brilliant actor and filmmaker – Nandita Das! Someone whose journey with censorship has been a long and tedious one. Tune in to this episode as we talk about freedom of expression, the need for art to be devoid of censorship, empathy and vulnerability in feminism – and much much more! 

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