FII wins 3 Orange Flower Awards!

FII has yet again won accolades for its intersectional feminist media content. This time, it is the Orange Flower Awards presented by Women’s Web won by writers and content creators. 

The Orange Flower Award recognises the power of women’s voices, and are a much-awaited annual award for digital creators in India.

At FII, Abhinaya Sridhar won the Orange Flower Award for her article on ‘How Family Vlogging Invisibilizes Children’s Consent‘ in the Writing on Parenting category.  

While Gayatri Yadav and Aishwaryaa Kunwar secured the runner-up position for their article on pink tax on women’s products in Hindi and their Instagram reel on how music influences gender-based violence, respectively.

This is the second time that FII has won the Orange Flower Award. In 2021, FII’s Nishtha Shanti won the Orange Flower Award for the best short film for her video on PCOS.

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