In the fourth episode of the ‘Women and Work: Why it Matters!’ podcast hosts Nilanjana and Purnima are joined by Grace Banu. Grace is a transgender activist and a leading voice in the anti-caste movement. She has also been advocating for Dalit and transgender rights, demanding along with other transgender people for reservation based on gender identity as well as caste.

The podcast series has been produced under ICRW Asia’s project, Rebuild: COVID-19 and women in the informal economy. You can know more about the project here.

Listen to the full episode as your hosts Purnima and Nilanjana talk to Grace about the relationship between caste, gender and work, the impact of the pandemic on trans workers, and much more!

The ‘Women and Work: Why it Matters!’ podcast is available on SpotifyApple podcasts, Google podcasts, JioSaavn and many other streaming platforms via Anchor!

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