FII Inside News Kirti Rawat: FII’s Digital Editor And Film Enthusiast | #MeetTheFIITeam

Kirti Rawat: FII’s Digital Editor And Film Enthusiast | #MeetTheFIITeam

As part of FII’s Meet the Team series, we are featuring former and current employees who have worked with or are working with us currently since the inception of FII. Feminism in India as a digital intersectional feminist media platform would not exist if not for these incredible individuals who have helped build this organisation to make what it is today.

Today, we’re chatting with Kirti Rawat, who is the Digital Editor at FII Hindi. When asked to describe herself, she says she loves her work, camera, movies, dance, books, and being around people who mean a lot to her.

FII: What do you like most about being a part of the FII family?

Kirti: I like how all of us are ready to learn and unlearn. This is something we rarely see these days in people. I love how we give preference to each other’s mental health over work.

FII: What advice would you give someone joining the organisation?

Kirti: You are not here only for work, you are here to learn and unlearn things. This place will teach you sisterhood and different narratives of feminism.

FII: How would your colleagues describe you?

Kirti: I am not sure. Maybe the one who doesn’t have any updates.

FII: Which fictional character do you identify with and why?

Kirti: Okay! This one is really tough. I guess I relate to Jo March from Little Women. I felt it when Jo March said, “Women have minds and souls as well as just hearts, and they’ve got ambition and talent as well as just beauty. And I’m sick of people saying love is all a woman is fit for.” While growing up I have heard a lot that no one is gonna marry you if you have such big dreams and if you are not gonna shut your mouth. I mean for being a woman we all have been told to keep our mouth shut. Ugh! I am never going to do this.

FII: What is something that you’re tired of hearing?

Kirti: Look! Here comes ‘The Feminist’.

FII: Which feminist movement do you feel particularly passionate about and why?

Kirti: I have huge respect for all the feminist movements which have taken place so far but I was most passionate for Anti-CAA NRC movement. I was so amazed to see the women of Shaheen Bagh. The kind of courage they had shown to the incumbent government is something we all should remember and discuss from time to time.

FII: What makes FII a ‘feminist’ organisation?

Kirti: I guess, the kind of editorial policy we have and we are always up for criticism.

FII: What’s the most fun thing about your job?

Kirti: I get to work on my ideas with my team.

FII: Do you remember when and why you decided to work at a feminist organisation?

Kirti: Back in time, I have never thought of working with a feminist organization. All I wanted to work on was the ideas I had and wanted to put my voice out there. Somehow, I encountered Nishtha’s video and since then I have wanted to work with FII.

FII: And lastly, if you had a talk show, which feminist icon would you call and what would you ask them?

Kirti: I wish to call Manto and ask him, ‘How does he think so deeply and what drives him to write such dark stories?’

FII thanks Kirti for her timely and valuable contribution to the organisation. We are incredibly grateful to have her as a part of our team and appreciate her for her deeply insightful work. She can be followed on Instagram and Twitter.

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