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FII Launches New Websites

FII launched its new websites last Friday. We're super proud to bring you a fresh, neater and cleaner look!

Dear reader,

FII launched its new websites last Friday. We’re super proud to bring you a fresh, neater and cleaner look!

The FII tech and design team have been working hard over the past couple of months to bring you our swanky new websites. The new websites have been designed keeping in mind, easy user navigation, minimum load time, I’d love to hear your feedback, but let me first share the top new features.

FII English website
FII Hindi website

New Features

1. Header and Menu: We have cleaned up the header and kept limited menu items so that it is easier to navigate. The ‘Stories’ menu item opens up to a mega menu of all of our categories and columns. The Header has a space for announcements, ads, updates, etc. You will see major news from FII right on top from now on.

New menu and header
Mega Menu

2. Separators: We have made the use of visual blocks to separate between two categories or sections as well as highlight important verticals like the membership programme, videos, podcasts, store, job board, newsletter, etc. We have used different colours and illustrations to make it visually appealing and attractive for the readers.

Visual separators

3. Category Page: In our new category pages, you can easily access the sub-categories. For example in the Culture category page, if you’re only keen to read our book reviews, you can click on Books and simply filter the articles.

Culture category page

4. Accessibility: Both the FII websites now have accessibility tools that make them more accessible for people with disabilities. The tools include Increase text, Decrease text, Grayscale, High Contrast, Negative Contrast, Light Background, Links Underline, Readable Font, etc.

The changes are across our websites, i.e. FII English and FII Hindi. You will continue to see some new changes over the coming weeks as we work on feedback from our community.

What do you think of the new websites? Let us know in the comments below.

Have feedback? Write to us at

If you like the new look and feel of FII, tweet to us/post on Instagram and let us know 🙂 (Remember to tag us).

Lastly, such a massive website re-design and development costs thousands of rupees. FII is independent of any religious, political, or corporate affiliations and requires funds to keep the websites running ad-free and pay for our core costs like salaries of our core team members, remuneration for our writers, and technology costs of running two websites, etc. 

A few hundred rupees or a few thousand would go a long way in helping us stay ad-free, and we promise to keep serving you fresh feminist content that you love! Share your support by becoming an FII member.

Or you could also make us a one-time donation. For international donors, please click here. For Indian donors, please click here

Independent and honest feminist media needs committed readers and I duly hope that you will consider supporting your favourite feminist media platform. 


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