FII Inside News Akansha Gopal: FII’s Partnerships Manager & Dog Lover | #MeetTheFIITeam

Akansha Gopal: FII’s Partnerships Manager & Dog Lover | #MeetTheFIITeam

Akansha Gopal is the Partnerships Manager at FII, a dog lover and always looking for a silver lining.

As part of FII’s Meet the Team series, we are featuring former and current employees who have worked with or are working with us currently since the inception of FII. Feminism in India as a digital intersectional feminist media platform would not exist if not for these incredible individuals who have helped build this organisation to make what it is today.

Today, we’re chatting with Akansha Gopal, who is the Partnerships Manager at FII. She graduated from Kirori Mal College and has experience in managing relationships for businesses in the digital education and food tech industries, NGOs, INGOs and corporates among others. She has also worked as a preschool teacher for a brief period. She is a half Malyali and half north Indian and have been living in Noida. She has a furry kid named Oscar, whom she loves the most ! She loves watching cringe content and trying interesting desserts. She can eat – Salad Sampler from Burma Burma everyday for life!

FII: What do you like most about being a part of the FII family?

Akansha: It has a very friendly atmosphere and I am motivated to go to work every day. The team is very welcoming and we have fun Wednesdays (virtual team meet calls) where we play games and talk about movies, books and many more exciting things.

FII: What advice would you give someone joining the organisation?

Akansha: The team will make you feel valued , supported and you will learn new things everyday!

FII: How would your colleagues describe you?

Akansha: My colleagues would say that I am very optimistic, as I see setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. There is always a creative solution to a problem, and I love searching for it.

FII: Which fictional character do you identify with and why?

Akansha: I would say a mix of Rachel, Phoebe and Monica. Because I love good fashion, I love animals and I am a bit of a cleanliness freak.

FII: What is something that you’re tired of hearing?

Akansha: Eat more! I am literally tired of people asking me to eat more since I am a bit

FII: Which feminist movement do you feel particularly passionate about and why?

Akansha: I would say the Chipko Movement, it was particularly started by women to protect the trees and forest and it was very inspiring for me. I feel we need such a movement in the present too considering how we are destroying nature.

FII: What makes FII a ‘feminist’ organisation?

Akansha: We talk about issues around marginalised communities, talk about women’s representation in various fields and amplify their voices through our content.

FII: What’s the most fun thing about your job?

Akansha: The most fun thing is definitely interacting with different organisations, knowing about their work, their stories and then brainstorming ideas for making impactful campaigns for them.

FII: Do you remember when and why you decided to work at a feminist organisation?

Akansha: Yes, that happened gradually. It started with reading about gender based
injustice, the current state of marginalised communities etc. In my head I wanted to be a part of such an organisation who supports such voices and makes them heard.

FII: If you had a talk show, which feminist icon would you call and what would you ask them?

Akansha: Princess Gayatri Devi and Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, if they had been alive, would have undoubtedly listened to them talk about their inspiring journey.

FII thanks Akansha for her timely and valuable contribution to the organisation. We are incredibly grateful to have her as a part of our team and appreciate her for her deeply insightful work. She can be followed on Instagram.

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