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10 Women-Led Sex Toy Brands Revolutionising Our Concept of Pleasure 

Experts only started recognizing the female orgasm as legitimate a few decades ago. Before then, women would have to get a prescription from their doctor to buy vibrators or dildos.

Women-led sex toy brands are suddenly popping up everywhere. Some say it’s because females are tired of being underrepresented by the pleasure industry. Others think the trend is due to women’s empowerment movements that help lift the stigma around masturbation and self-love. Either way, the market is full of options that elevate feminist ideologies. 

Meanwhile, a handful of revolutionary manufacturers have catapulted to the top of the heap. Their groundbreaking approach to personal pleasure opens opportunities for individuals, couples, innovators, and investors. Consumers can finally choose between exciting designs with intuitive settings focused on the female orgasm. 

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To appreciate these inventions, you must understand what’s wrong with today’s sex toy industry. Then you should explore the top women-led brands to determine which ones align with your values, desires, and budget.

Source: The Independent

We will introduce and evaluate the best female pleasure companies and a few of their top-selling products. Let’s begin. 

What’s Wrong with the Sex Toy Industry? 

Today’s marketplace for adult entertainment is saturated with choices. The average shopper can find it challenging to locate the perfect product. They might also run into scams, low-quality devices, and complex contraptions that require learning curves or cause potential risks. We are currently in the throes of a sexual health revolution, and it shows. 

The sex toy industry has also focused on male orgasms for countless years. Experts only started recognizing the female orgasm as legitimate a few decades ago. Before then, women would have to get a prescription from their doctor to buy vibrators or dildos. The times have changed, but the industry is just now catching up. 

It’s easy to find male-centric pleasure products with a quick search online. And most XXX stores carry toys designed primarily for men or couples. However, sex toys for women can be tricky to discover and even more difficult to use. People want accessibility, intense sensations, and affordable pricing, so a few women-owned sex toy brands are answering the call. 

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10 Feminists Sex Toy Companies with Major Balls 

Thousands of brands are vying for your attention, and most have a male CEO at the helm. The majority provides excellent products to diverse audiences, earning an undeniable reputation among shoppers. Still, a well-known name isn’t always indicative of high quality. Some sex toy startups are making significant waves without being famous. 

Source: Intimina

These female-founded sex toy companies are equally impressive and determined to revolutionize how women experience pleasure. Let’s check out what they have to offer:

1. Lora DiCarlo  

Lora DiCarlo is becoming one of the most influential sex toy companies on the map. It’s an innovative brand with its finger on the pulse of pussy power. Their gorgeous products are functional works of art capable of delivering mind-blowing stimulation. Best of all, each device also uses specific ergonomics to pinpoint delicate nerve endings in the female body. 

The radical designs come from Lora Haddock DiCarlo’s mind – the same brain that won a Robotics Innovation Award in 2019. However, judges revoked the award when they realized it was for a sex toy called Ore. Shortly afterwards, public outcry about women’s sexual health and gender-nonconforming pleasure gave the brand notoriety it deserved. 

Source: Lora DiCarlo

The Lora DiCarlo brand’s top-selling female vibrator is the Baci Oral Sex Stimulator. It mimics the sensations of authentic cunnilingus to massage the entire vulva. Browse the complete inventory to compare products and find the perfect match. 

2. Unbound 

What brand comes to mind when you think of colourful butt plugs, vibrant vibrators, and eccentric dildos? For many, it’s Unbound. This groundbreaking women’s sexual health company is known for its whimsical product names and unique designs. Customers can choose between devices called “Puff,” “Divvy,” and “Shimmy” for a descriptive experience. 

Source: Unbound

The founder and CEO, Polly Rodriguez, focuses on manufacturing toys for a healthier sex life. Her business doesn’t always concentrate on shock value. Rather, the brand promotes pampering and self-love with provocative advertisements and controversial information to educate the public. 

Compare Unbound’s best seller, The Clutch, to your favourite alternative. It delivers an intense experience perfect for couples’ play or solo stimulation. This brand also sells compatible lubricants formulated for the female body. 

3. Lioness 

Liz Klinger, the founder and CEO of Lioness, gets most of her inspiration from having discussions about women’s sexual health and pleasure. Her interest in tracking women’s orgasms led to her company’s Smart Vibrator invention. This unusual sex toy for women collects data from each session to optimize its performance. 

Source: Lioness

Users provide crucial information about vaginal temperatures and muscle movements through a linked smartphone app. They can access the data to understand how their bodies work during sex. This knowledge is supposed to help women masturbate more efficiently with techniques that make sense for their anatomy. 

The Lioness 2.0 Smart Vibrator is this brand’s flagship product. It can graph orgasmic behaviours to help people improve their methods or streamline partner play. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this women-centred company. 

4. Dame Products 

Dame Products is the love child of an engineer and a sexologist. It’s also one of the best-known female-founded sex toy brands on the planet. Meanwhile, the company’s popularity has less to do with clever marketing and more with genius manufacturing. Their products sell fast and help keep things interesting in the bedroom. 

Source: Dame

Most of the Dame Products inventory focuses on women’s sexual pleasure. However, a few devices provide a more versatile experience, with playful designs like aliens and other fantasy creatures. You can also attach some toys to mounts, sex furniture, and strap-on harnesses for hands-free play. 

Look at the company’s top options to see how they change the game. Start with the Aer Clitoral Stimulator for an easy toe-curling climax. The power is so intense that it can help with stamina control if you practice. 

5. Loveability 

Loveability is all about safe and satisfying sex. The owner, Tiffany Gaines, wanted to empower women with unique resources for unrestricted pleasure. She created this brand to encourage people to buy and use condoms. The company’s mission also involves motivating women to take accountability for their sexual health. 

Source: Loveabilty

The Loveability Condom Collection is multi-faceted, with a sleeve for every shaft. Some of the brand’s products feature positive affirmations, such as “Talk Feminist to Me” and “Babe With the Power.” These slogans help incentivize sexual partners to carry and use protection during foreplay or intercourse. 

Check out the Loveability Water Slyde Aquatic Stimulator when you’re done shopping for condoms. Each product comes beautifully packaged for gifting and is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. You can also buy combo tins and refill packs to prepare for anything. 

6. Maude 

This revolutionary women-led sex toy brand is on a mission. They want to make sexual pleasure more intense and accessible for everyone, including women and the men they sleep with. Maude product developers also focus on a minimalist aesthetic to set the bar for future innovations and encourage interaction. 

Source: Maude

The overall designs of Maude’s devices aren’t blatantly erotic. Many look like they belong in a day spa instead of a sex toy shop. Their forms are calming, their colours muted, and their textures smooth. This company sells compatible lubricants with similar properties to deliver a well-rounded experience. 

Founder, Eva Goicochea, recommends taking advantage of her inclusive inventory. Look at the Spot or Drop for targeted vaginal pleasure. Or browse the Cone Kit for deep anal stimulation. Both options are compatible with the brand’s luxury-grade lubes and accessories. 

7. Crave 

A female industrial designer created the Crave brand, and we’re all grateful for her. This bizarre company helps empower women to own their sexuality with convenience, style, and grace. The inventory lets shoppers keep their pleasure in plain sight, offering new levels of excitement and discretion for modern divas. 

Source: Crave

The sleek and sophisticated sex toy designs are unlike anything on the market. Crave produces the world’s first and only necklace vibrator – a compact but powerful alternative to traditional devices. Teams are already working on other designs like ID cuffs, watches, and rings. 

Try the Crave Vesper Vibrating Necklace Pendant for secretly stylish pleasures. You can also sign up for First Access to upcoming innovations. Start a collection that doubles as a kinky conversation piece, or keep your desires discreet. 

8. Bellesa 

Bellesa is as luxurious, sophisticated, and female-focused as the brand name sounds. This company was founded by Michelle Shnaidman’s frustration with misogynistic pornography. She created Bellesa to give women more power over the things that bring them pleasure. Her products are also vibrantly monochrome coloured for a modern aesthetic. 

Source: Bellesa

Thanks to their lightweight, compact designs, you can hold most of these sex toys in the palm of your hand. They sync to a bold online platform filled with anti-misogynistic XXX content, including literary and video porn. Go there to shop for more Bellesa products, update your devices, and interact with other users. 

Check out the BuzzFeed Air Vibe or the Luvli Ditto 2 Wearable Couple’s Toy. Break through boundaries and establish new rules for your bedroom. Bellesa redefines gender roles in sex to enable better orgasms for women. 

9. Mello 

Mello’s founder, Boronia Fallshaw, experienced extreme pain during sex because of vulvodynia. It significantly limited her experience with masturbation and intercourse, setting her on a mission. The brand developed after discovering that small doses of CBD could help. The rest is history. 

Source: Mello

This company approaches sexual pleasure from behind – literally. It focuses on alleviating pains associated with sex, foreplay, masturbation, and body exploration. Relax your mind and body before play to reach your libido’s highest potential. You don’t have to be aching to appreciate a smoother orgasm. 

Check out Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories or CBD Caramels. They help enhance sensations in the genital region through increased sensitivity and better lubrication. Use them for reproductive health issues like endometriosis, PMS, and ovarian cysts. 

10. Chakrubs 

Chakrubs is an advocate for maintaining the connection between spirituality and sexuality. The founder and CEO, Vanessa Cuccia, lives her brand daily and aims to share the benefits with customers. This company combines natural crystals and minerals with g-spot and p-spot targeting designs for layered bliss. 

Source: Chakrubs

Part of self-love is creating a ritual for personal pleasure. Chakrubs devices can help alleviate pain, unblock chakra energy flows, and encourage a connection with your higher being. Designers garner the healing powers of crystals to develop revolutionary sex toys for the new age. This brand is the only one treating masturbation like meditation, and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. 

You can finally own an Amethyst Dildo or a dong made from smooth Indian Jade. Then, look for the Yoni Eggs to enjoy discreet internal stimulation. Chakrubs has a textured device called The Viper that we’d also recommend. 

Honourable Mentions 

Fortunately, the ten women-owned sex toy brands mentioned above are not the only options. Many exciting startups exist for your consideration. They all think it’s time to elevate something other than the penis, and we couldn’t agree more. 

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Female empowerment is a trend with significant staying power. It’s also an essential component of a well-balanced society. Sexual health and wellness for women is now a topic for the kitchen table, with a focus on self-expression through unapologetic personal pleasure.  

Source: FII

Many new brands are jumping on the free-to-be-feminist bandwagon. You can bet the following companies will become more notable soon: 

Enby, LELO, New York Toy Collective, Aslan Leather, Bedroom Kandi, Ohnut, Dipsea, Normal, Le Wand, MysteryVibe, b-Vibe, Babeland, Goop Wellness, Sustain, Emojibator, 5th House, Rosewell, Bijoux Indiscrets, Elvie, Desireables, Overkink, The Honeypot Company, Figr and Sex on the Table.

Check out what each one offers. Some companies manufacture products to enhance your experience, while others provide items for additional protection or sexual health support. Develop a self-love strategy that takes advantage of your femininity and paves the way for future generations of women.

Source: FII

Sexual health is crucial for women, and it involves more than reproduction. With over half of today’s sex toy industry founded or operated by men, groundbreaking brands like these are vital. We must empower femininity in all its forms, starting with orgasm. 

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