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Amreen is a 9/5 Project Manager and a 24/7 writer/closet poet/unapologetic feminist. She believes in the power of debate, discussion and activism to weed out misogyny, inequality and injustice. When she is not busy having debates on politics, history and culture, she loves to binge on good books, movies & music.

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Laugh Off The Sexism: The Counter Culture Of Feminist Memes

To combat the circulation of sexist memes, and stifle the sexist laugh, counter feminist memes are in circulation as well. These feminist memes employ subversive humour to overturn the sexist humour, being able to afford a laugh at their expense.

My Experiences Of Patriarchal Rituals In The Nepali Community

Growing up listening to such ludicrous things, I gradually developed an immense hatred for such patriarchal values. Hence, I am writing this article about the misogynist and patriarchal traditions in Nepali community.

Gujarat’s Thakor Community Bans Inter-Caste Marriage And Cellphones For Unmarried Women

It is a well established fact that India, as a country preaches and tries, in several ways to instill a sense of...