Thursday, August 13, 2020
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!
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Deeksha Sharma

I am still confused about calling myself a radical feminist. A sluggish writer. I am more interested in reading about politics, colonial history, and stories of resistance to dominant power structures. I believe that patriarchy screwed up everyone’s life. I have an undying love for western Marxist and feminist theories.

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Arnab Goswami – Our Prime Time Poster Boy For Toxic Masculinity On TV

Arnab Goswami – Our Prime Time Poster Boy For Toxic Masculinity On TV

As a journalist, Arnab Goswami has had ample opportunities to unlearn systemic prejudices — misogyny, casteism and Islamophobia to name a few. Yet, he chooses to remain complicit in systems that were designed to structurally discriminate against the minorities in India.
Reviewing ‘A Suitable Girl’: Move Over 'Indian Matchmaking' To See The Bigger Picture

Reviewing ‘A Suitable Girl’: Move Over ‘Indian Matchmaking’ To See The Bigger Picture

Indian Matchmaking follows the lives of Indian individuals trying to get married through a matchmaker based in Mumbai, Sima Taparia. Another lesser known Netflix venture that she was a part of, was a documentary titled 'A Suitable Girl'.
Shakuntala Devi, Paa, Kahaani...: The Vidya Balan Brand of Motherhood

Shakuntala Devi, Paa, Kahaani…: The Vidya Balan Brand Of Motherhood

Speaking about her choice of gender-focused films, Vidya Balan had said - 'It's about finding my answers and thinking aloud', she goes on to call herself 'a work-in-progress feminist'. The mothers that Vidya Balan play do not adhere to the rulebook of motherhood that patriarchy hands down to every woman.