Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Intersectional Feminism—Desi Style!
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Swarna is a philosophy student with relatives who think she is pursing physiotherapy. Her music choice ranges from Annette Hanshaw to Justin Beiber(it’s a highly competitive playlist). Apart from that, she is mostly found rewatching In the Mood for Love , ordering stationary on Amazon and just scrolling through Swiggy. She is a sucker for masala chai, typewriters and anything written by Ismat Chughtai and Alan Ginsberg.

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The 'Aunty' Body And All That Follows

The ‘Aunty’ Body And All That Follows

In the Indian imagination, an ‘Aunty’ is a middle-aged, usually fat woman who is married and has children. Young women, especially unmarried ones, either do not want to associate with the term or are expected to steer clear of it.
Female Anger: The Gendered Diagnosis Of Emotions | Feminism In India

(On) Female Anger: The Gendered Diagnosis Of Emotions

It seems female anger is only palatable when it is reined in, not threatening to be reckless but instead promising calm, collected reserve.
Zohra Segal: The Actress That Breathed Life| #IndianWomeninHistory

Zohra Sehgal: The Actress That Breathed Life | #IndianWomeninHistory

Zohra Sehgal lived life on her own terms, breaking away from the chains which bound the average woman of her time and social position.