[tdc_zone type=”tdc_content”][vc_row][vc_column][td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”What is #JustNotInterested?”]#JustNotInterested is a campaign run by Feminism in India and Tinder India, that aims to explore the understanding of consent, disinterest and expectations in human relationships. The way we understand and deal with and express disinterest and being turned down, can have massive ramifications on how we understand consent as a society.

Dealing with disinterest in a healthy, gracious and accepting manner would encourage a culture that does not value persistence as a sign of romance, treats the word ‘no’ at face value, and does not glorify bad behaviour as an inevitable consequence of being turned down. It is imperative then, to start conversations that allow us, as a society, to treat rejection as a regular part of life, and not the end of the world. Such conversations would contribute to building a healthier consent culture and having healthier relationships, where both consent and the lack thereof, are taken seriously and respected.

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FII and Tinder India have launched the #JustNotInterested campaign in order to spark these conversations about navigating disinterest, consent and the expectations within relationships.

Using the platform of FII’s Instagram stories, we are holding chats twice a week for a month, on various aspects of dating, relationships and disinterest, asking followers to share their thoughts and experiences. These chats range from how one would ideally like to be turned down, to their preferred medium of communication during a breakup, to self-care techniques to deal with the aftermath of being turned down in a healthy manner.

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