dark skin

Somehow, My Dark Skin Determines My Entire Value As A Person

I understood that people who shamed my dark skin were also the people who were so unsure of their own mettle, unaware of their own prowess.
Aritra Sengupta

My Former Partner Aritra Sengupta Is An Abusive Sex Offender

I was made aware that my partner Aritra Sengupta physically abuses women. He had been doing this throughout the course of our relationship, to women, all younger than me.

People Were Quick To Assign Me The Label Of Tomboy

The rejection of dresses and long hair as a little girl was the period which marked the beginning of the label tomboy being used to describe me.

Why Motherhood May Not Be For Me

When you are conditioned to treat motherhood as the norm, the lines between conscious choice and subconscious conditioning blur.
my mother

My Mother Was The First Feminist In My Life – I Just Didn’t Know It

My mother never said a word about equality and yet, brought up a son and a daughter, with equal measures of love and self-confidence.

Fitting Desire Into ‘Acceptable’ Checklist Boxes – Open To Public Gaze

Though I understand that it is the constructed nature of desire that has made people ask questions about other’s choices, but it hurts sometimes.

I Am Not In A Relationship, But I Am Not Single Either

By “relationships”, we mean only one relationship, which is that of romantic lover or spouse, by “family” we understand only one format, comprising a couple and their children.

To Bleed Or Not To Bleed: The Culture Of Period-Shaming

Period-shaming women is a patriarchal sport, anything exclusive to women becomes gross and becomes another reason to oppress them.

Holi has Become Yet Another Normalised Tool Of Sexual Harassment

The festival of Holi has now snowballed into a site of commonplace harassment and street sexual harassment.

The Nightmare Of The Noveau Motherhood Cult: WhatsApp, Lunchbox Snacks And Themed Birthday Parties

When motherhood becomes prescriptive and a single formulaic cult to judge middle-class womanhood, morality and a woman’s entire character, it becomes scary.

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Once I moved away from home, my independent lifestyle gave me confidence and helped me grow as a person and as a feminist.
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Language privilege is an often over-looked concept which in fact plays a crucial role in determining a person's position in our society.
Whose Stories Are Told In Indian History?

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How a person thinks of history has a lot to do with where they come from, where their origins lie, and also where they actually belong.