‘Victim’ Need Not Always Be A Bad Word

Victim implies the presence of external perpetrators, an ineffective system, takes longer to heal and exposes the culpability of the culture.

My Experience With Misogyny In The Mental Health Sector

This experience reflects a deep-seated misogyny in society, with clear gendered power relations at play within the mental health sector.

The Pain Of Being An Indian ‘Bahu’

In-laws envisage the hapless bahu to behave like a robot, silently obey orders of elders, keep their mouths shut and give birth to sons.
perfect body

In Search Of The ‘Perfect’ Body

There is a dominating notion that there could be a perfect body where this perfection in question is quantifiable and definable.

Gendering Quizzing: Perils Of Being A Woman Quizzer

I had the perception of knowledge as a neutral, accessible platform, and a year in quizzing shattered that assumption.

Caring For My Mother After She Had A Stroke

I remember looking into her eyes and realizing that my mother had been fighting far too many battles on her own.
shave my head

Why I Decided To Shave My Head

Having my head shaven was an amazingly liberating feeling. It made me experience a high of being totally free in that moment.

The Assigned “North-East” Identity: Why India Is Not My Cup Of Tea

I was really conscious of the ascribed North-East identity only when I left Shillong and arrived in Delhi.
Wetern Cultural Pressure Adult Daughter

The Western Cultural Pressure To ‘Let Go’ Of My Adult Daughter

Now the mother of an adult child, I have to learn new rules and reappraise my mothering as an Indian mother in a Western, White culture.
loss and grief

Working My Way Through Loss And Grief

Grief, at least in my life, has not followed any logical path. The harder I try to put it away completely, the more savagely it returns.

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Mainstream Cinema’s Casteism

6 Films That tackle Mainstream Cinema’s Casteism

Standout films that tackled mainstream cinema’s casteism : for acknowledging caste; for giving voice to the experience of those caste groups.
Dalit women writers

6 Books By Dalit Women Writers Exploring Lives Lived On The Margins Of Caste...

These Dalit women writers' narratives centre their lived experiences in a canon where their voices have been conspicuously absent.
Asexuality: Asexuality is a sexual orientation with a wide spectrum and has NO arbitrary definition. The spectrum extends from little or rare sexual attraction to no sexual attraction at all. There is no litmus test to determine if someone is asexual. Asexuality is like any other identity- at its core, it’s just a word that people use to help figure themselves out.

What Is Asexuality? These 8 Terms Will Help You Understand The Ace Spectrum

Asexuality is defined as someone who does not experience sexual attraction.