In this section, find articles, images, videos and artwork on sexual, physical and mental violence against women and marginalized communities in India and South Asia.

Irom Sharmila, AFSPA And The Quest For Freedom In Manipur

The irony is AFSPA is a ‘national security measure’. The Act provides extraordinary powers to the armed forces: to shoot to kill, arrest without warrant, and enter any premises for search and seizure.

Rape Culture And Porn Ban In India

Speaking on the porn ban in India, the Telecom & IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "Although porn is legal in other countries, it needs...

A Story Of The Culture Of Domestic Violence

Padma* reckons she is about 22 years old. Having married before she turned 18, she has 2 small children. Her family had moved in as...

Aruna Shanbaug and The “Martyrs” We Make

The Indian media is frenzied, chaotic and at the same time pretty predictable. After the death of Suzette Jordan, the mother of two, rape survivor,...

#FreeSantadevi: No Charges, No Fines, Redefine the System of Disrepute

“When I turned 16, I came to know that I had been married off as a child. But I don’t even remember that marriage,...
AFSPA: The Army's Right To Rape, From Manorama To Karbi

AFSPA: The Army’s Right To Rape, From Manorama To Karbi

AFSPA legalizes any perpetration by the armed forces functioning in the areas of Assam and Manipur (J&K has its version which was promulgated too).

Women, Sexual Violence & Cows: Misplaced Shame And Where Is The Remorse?

We have embarked on a journey to the Indian dystopia; in simpler words, a world gone mad. Sexual violence after sexual violence seems to be making...

Rape: An Assertion Of Dominion, Not Desire

So, let’s talk about rape. No. I do not want to discuss how it has become a part of the Indian culture or what...

From Mathura Rape Case To Delhi 2012: The Pain Of Ineffective Laws And Dignity...

The accused were acquitted in the Mathura rape case by the apex judiciary because they found no locus standi (no legal standing) in 1979.
Can We Stop Calling It 'Eve-Teasing'?

Can We Stop Calling It ‘Eve-Teasing’?

We must stop calling it ‘eve-teasing’? It’s a misogynistic euphemism and trivializes the larger issue, i.e. street sexual harassment.

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Made in Heaven Unpacks The Politics Behind Marriages In India

Made in Heaven Unpacks The Politics Behind Marriages In India

While the centre of the series remains the rich and elite class of Delhi, the focus of Made in Heaven remains to be the issues which are often swept under the carpet and closeted.
The Burning Of Holika

Reading Caste In Holi: The Burning Of Holika, A Bahujan Woman

Every Holi, we burn Holika – a Bahujan woman. Our festivals are based on Vedic & Puranic stories which suppress stories of the lower castes.
A Not-So-Patriot Act The Undue Outrage Over Hasan Minhaj’s Show

A Not-So-Patriot Act: The Unwarranted Outrage Over Hasan Minhaj’s Show

Predictably, in this hostile environment, the newest episode of Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act was met with over-the-top and ridiculous outrage, complete with nastiness online, calls to boycott Netflix, and a harsh critique of Minhaj