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In this section, find articles on Indian feminist art activism (artivism) by Feminism in India.

अब बेशकीमती है तुम्हारी अमृता शेरगिल

अब बेशकीमती है ‘तुम्हारी अमृता शेरगिल’

अमृता शेरगिल अपनी वास्तविक जिंदगी में और अपने आर्ट में भी समकालीन कलाकरों से बहुत आगे थीं। वह परफेक्शनिस्ट नहीं थी, शायद इसीलिए उनकी सोच का दायरा असीमित था।

Femininity [Poem]

This feminine lends itself to reduction into numbers or lewd hand gestures. But the everydayness of the power, of her personal femininity, teeters on a thin edge. Every time her body makes her into a goddess, whore, angel, slut, or not feminine at all.
Dalit women poets

5 Dalit Women Poets Who Remind Us That Caste And Patriarchy Are Not Exclusive

Let us read about some Dalit women poets whose poetry challenged dominant caste norms and take us to the lives of their community.

Rage and Victory [Poem]

We will burn down into ashes only to rise above and reach the sky we will fill this atmosphere with flashes of our pride, victory and identity so high.
desi women illustrators

5 Desi Women Illustrators We Should Know About

These desi women illustrators are putting their thoughts out there in their work and engaging audiences socially through artistic flourishes and strokes.
rhea mahanta pepper spray

Where Was Your Pepper Spray? [Slam Poem]

"Where Was Your Pepper Spray?" “You were even dressed decently!”
Riot Grrrl

Reviewing The Riot Grrrl Collection: Feminist Movement From The 90s

Riot Grrrl is a revision of feminism, a fuck-your-girl-hating, lipstick wearing, violence resisting empowerment that still reverberates today.

Woman, thy name is Temptation! [Poem]

A sarcastic poem on patriarchy blaming woman for making a man losing his control.
Are You Indian? This Rapper From Odisha Talks About Racism In Music Video

Are You Indian? This Rapper From Odisha Talks About Racism In Music Video

Samir Rishu Mohanty aka Big Deal's “Are You Indian?” talks about racism against Northeast Indians in a very direct tone.
Voice [Poem]

Voice [Poem]

Obeying on auto-pilot. Her voice is just one more thing She signed over.

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Ezhava And Proud – 23 Years After Hiding My Caste From The World

Ezhava And Proud—23 Years After Hiding My Caste From The World

I am writing this for the 8-year-old child feeling ashamed and for women like my mother who made her child understand the implications of belonging to an oppressed lower caste.
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.
5 Sikh Women In History You Should Know About

5 Sikh Women In History You Should Know About

Sikh women have a long history of fighting patriarchy, enacting radical change, and taking up leadership roles.