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Netflix's Beecham House Review: A Woke White Orientalist’s Dream

Netflix’s Beecham House Review: A Woke White Orientalist’s Dream

Despite streaming on Netflix India, ‘Beecham House’, a British TV show that has been criticized heavily in the UK for its subpar writing and acting, has not ruffled any feathers among reviewers and critics based in India

The Feminist Journey Of Popular And Counter-Culture Music In India

Mainstream music like Bollywood and Pop, and counter-culture genres like Hard Rock, Metal, and political Hip Hop have an oft-untold glorious feminist story.
how have sitcoms handled rejection

How Have Sitcoms Handled Rejection? | #JustNotInterested

Problematic scenes in sitcoms sometimes fail to catch the viewer’s attention because of their comic presentation.

Film Review: Khamosh Pani Shows Us The Cost Of Independence

Khamosh Pani is one of the rare movies, that bluntly show us the cost of independence that women had to pay way back in 1947, remnants of which still persists.

TikTok In India: How Cyber Secure Is The App?

If we were to look into the collection of TikTok videos available on sites like YouTube, the trends that are seen with regards to the identity safety of users on the app can seem alarming.

Book Review: Mehboob Murderer By Nupur Anand

Mehboob Murderer by Nupur Ananad is a fast-paced thriller set in Mumbai. The story revolves around a shootout, as an 80-year-old Café Mehboob is targeted by a murderer and suddenly the city is no more just about locals, floods and stars.

Watch: Are Millennials The Burnout Generation?

Studies suggest as much as 95% of Indian millennials are suffering from burnout. Vitamin Stree takes a closer look in this episode of Scratching The Surface.

My Experiences Of Patriarchal Rituals In The Nepali Community

Growing up listening to such ludicrous things, I gradually developed an immense hatred for such patriarchal values. Hence, I am writing this article about the misogynist and patriarchal traditions in Nepali community.

Sita, A Changing Identity In Ritwik Ghatak’s Subarnarekha

53 years ago, Subarnarekha (1965), an Indian Bengali film and a part of Ritwik Ghatak’s trilogy including Meghe Dhaka Tara (1960) and Komal Gandhar (1961), featured the lives of Bengali refugees in the aftermath of partition of India.

Laugh Off The Sexism: The Counter Culture Of Feminist Memes

To combat the circulation of sexist memes, and stifle the sexist laugh, counter feminist memes are in circulation as well. These feminist memes employ subversive humour to overturn the sexist humour, being able to afford a laugh at their expense.

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surayya tyabji woman who designed indian flag

Surayya Tyabji: The Woman Who Designed Our National Flag | #IndianWomenInHistory

Despite the design of the national flag being popularly credited to Pingali Venkayyah, Surayya Tyabji was the one who came up the final design.
18 Indian Sportswomen Who Made A Difference In 2018

18 Indian Sportswomen Who Made A Difference In 2018

Here are 18 sportswomen in India whose achievements brought glory to our nation and we need to pay more attention to.
Trans People Are Calling Out On Indian Transgender Bill | #RapeIsRape

Trans People Are Calling Out The Indian Transgender Bill | #RapeIsRape

The new Transgender bill makes sexual offence against a transgender person, punishable with as little as 6 months to a max 2 years in prison.