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In this series, we feature people and organisations who have done groundbreaking work in the field of gender, sexuality, women’s rights and the likes to get an insight into their lives and their work. More and more people are joining the feminist movement and working on gender and we wish to bring them in the limelight, one life at a time.

“The Conflict in Bastar Has Brought Women to the Forefront” – In Conversation with Isha Khandelwal Of The Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group

“The Conflict In Bastar Has Brought Women To The Forefront” – In Conversation With...

In conversation with Isha Khandelwal of the Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group about her experiences of working in Bastar, the subsequent ousting and what they are doing now.
Kamla Bhasin

In Conversation With Kamla Bhasin: Renowned Developmental Feminist Activist

Kamla Bhasin is perhaps India's most renowned developmental feminist activist, social scientist, poet and author. She has worked for 35 years in fields of women's rights, human development, peace and democracy.
essar batool

“Dear Indian Feminists, Kashmir Is Occupied. Period”: Essar Batool

Japleen interviews Essar Batool on her work, her book, the PIL, Kunan Poshpora and feminism in Kashmir.
In Conversation With Manasi Joshi: The Para-Badminton Champion

In Conversation With Manasi Joshi: The Para-Badminton Champion

Manasi Joshi, is a kickass para-badminton player who keeps shattering stereotypes and pursuing her dreams through her grit and passion for para-badminton.

Meet Alisha Abdullah – India’s First Female Racing Champ

Alisha Abdullah is the first Indian Female National racer, who races in bikes, cars, and go-karts, thereby breaking all stereotypes on women and proving to the world how women are equal to men.
Harnidh Kaur

In Conversation With Harnidh Kaur On The Online Feminist Movement

As a child of the Internet, Harnidh Kaur has become one of the leading feminist voices online with her poetry, positivity and honesty.
In Conversation With Bebaak Collective: Bringing Muslim Women's Rights To The Forefront

In Conversation With Bebaak Collective: Talking About Muslim Women’s Issues

Bebaak Collective shatters the 'vulnerable' image of Muslim women and talks about their struggles by campaigning across the country.
Meet Mimi Mondal: India's First SFF Writer Nominated For A Hugo

Meet Mimi Mondal: India’s First SFF Writer Nominated For A Hugo

The first Hugo Award nominee from India, Mimi Mondal is a speculative fiction Dalit author. She is also a finalist for the Locus Awards 2018.
Interview With Anju Singh From AIDMAM | Feminism In India

In Conversation With Anju Singh From All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM)

We talked to Anju Singh of AIDMAM on the issues Dalit women face today and how they are mobilising to fight for their cause.

Meet The Woman Behind The Children’s Book ‘My Chacha Is Gay’

An exclusive interview with Eiynah, the woman behind the children's book 'My Chacha Is Gay'.

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feminist songs

10 Feminist Songs To Listen To When The Patriarchy Has Got You Down

Gather round, feminists! It's exhausting work raging against The Man, so how about you play these feminist songs for a musical pick-me-up?
Dear Straight People, Stop Teaching Me How To Be Queer

Dear Straight People, Stop Teaching Me How To Be Queer

There are several competent queer writers and it’s only logical that The Hindu invite and give a platform to them, instead of letting more straight people teach me how to be queer.
How Gillette Made Me Revisit The Toxic Masculinity In My Past

How Gillette Made Me Revisit The Toxic Masculinity In My Past

The content of the Gillette ad hit closer to home than I was comfortable with. My imagination drew parallels between the video and my own life, and I felt repressed old memories stirring in the darkness of my mind.