SocietyNews Feminist News Wrap – Suzette Jordan, Uber and Women’s Hockey

Feminist News Wrap – Suzette Jordan, Uber and Women’s Hockey

Well known women’s right activist Suzette Jordan passed away due to multiple organ failure. She paved the way for removing the stigma associated with being raped. We are very sad.

The Supreme Court declared that delay in filing an FIR for rape cases is not significant owing to the social stigma generally associated with it.

In an attempt to support working mothers, Vodafone India launches a new maternity leave policy which includes 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, one working week of paternity leave and 6 hour-work days for 6 months post return to work. According to the Indian law, paid maternity leave is compulsory only for 12 weeks.

JD(U) chief, Sharad Yadav, called South Indian women ‘sanvli’ while debating a bill in the Rajya Sabha. He then had the cheek to refuse an apology.

Four men set a a 17-year old Dalit girl on fire, for pursuing education.

While the cricket world cup is keeping everyone glued to their television sets, the National Women’s Hockey Team beat Poland in the finals of the Hockey World League Round 2.

Rapes are still happening.

Uber comes back with a fleet of women drivers, but seems clueless about the safety of passengers and the drivers.

On budget day in the Kerala Assembly, there was furore & chaos, with the speaker’s microphone being ripped off and MLAs engaged in fistcuffs. However, what came out as particularly unique in this horrible incident of adults behaving like idiots is that, when a woman MLA, Jameela Prakasam bit her colleague Sadasivan Nair, allegedly since he sexually assaulted her, the Culture Minister K.C.Joseph declared, “Women MLAs should exercise some control in their behaviour, Women don’t have the right to do everything.

This citizen-reported incident of misogyny was read by several people.

In an everyday incident of empowerment, a girl walked out of her wedding as the groom had lied about his education.


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