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In India, there is no denying that medical practitioners are not properly sensitised when it comes to issues surrounding the health of women. This is especially more evident when it comes to the sexual health of women. Many women in India refrain from going to the gynaecologist mostly because most of the gynaecologists in India happen to be prudish and conservative. Horrifying accounts of experiences faced by a majority of women have led to many women feeling discouraged to go to the doctor even when it’s absolutely necessary.

India has a dearth of gynaecologists to begin with, and most of these gynaecologists are not accessible for people who are economically marginalised. Queer women and trans men also face double the stigma as they are asked intrusive questions and have their identities dismissed while many gynaecologists outright refuse to provide them service. Add to that the fact that many doctors will pass comments and/or judge women, especially unmarried ones and you’ve got yourself a society where women, despite requiring so much reproductive and sexual health awareness, still do not have access to adequate medical services.

Seeing the necessity to address this issue, a Twitter user @AmbaAzaad created a google form that could filled with detailed fields and with the help of hundreds of women online, decided to create a crowdsourced list of professional and non-judgemental gynaecologists from all over India which can be accessed here.

Although it would be ideal to have access to reliable OBGyns without the need to consult a limited list, one which might still not be useful for women living in the margins and rural areas, this is a commendable step and though it is not the catch-all solution, it is indeed a step that would push more hospitals and clinics to make sure their doctors are sensitive and non-intrusive to the issues of women.

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The Crowdsourced List Of Gynaecologists We Trust

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