SocietyNews Feminist News Wrap: Minors Raped, Writers Protesting & Transgender Idol Worship

Feminist News Wrap: Minors Raped, Writers Protesting & Transgender Idol Worship

Feminist news from around the country.

Indian Writers give back Awards to Protest Atrocities

In the last month, over 41 authors have returned their Sahitya Akademi Awards, along with the money they won to protest the culture of fear and intolerance in India. Nayantara Sehgal returned her award saying she is protesting the fact that dissenters are now living in fear in India. several other authors have protested the fact that Kalburgi’s death is still going cold and that Modi has not spoken out about the Dadri lynching case that resulted in the death of a man suspected of having beef in his fridge. International Authors like Salman Rushdie and Amitava Ghosh have supported this movement and spoke out against the current government in India.

Four Year Old Gang Raped in Delhi

A four year old girl, living in the poor neighbourhood in the north of Delhi was abducted and later left for dead near the tracks. The girl was raped and later inflicted with severe injuries. She is currently in the ICU, undergoing treatment. This is one amongst a series of atrocities against women and children in the Capital. The poor neighborhood the girl belongs to is near the tracks and sexual harassment is a daily occurrence there.

A Toddler and A Five Year Old Raped In Delhi

A two-year-old was abducted from the suburbs of Delhi and later left at the park, bleeding and unconscious. In another part of the city, a five year old was gang raped. She came home, crying and bleeding and told her parents what happened. People have been arrested in connection to the rapes but the safety of children in Delhi are still contentious.

Talibans Threatens Death to Women in Kunduz

Long known as mysoginistic zealots, the taliban’s occupation of Kundiz brings to light the still real plight of women. Talibans raided houses where they knew working women were and shot dead anyone who came their way. A death squad systematically targeted women’s right activists and journalists. They are asking women of Kunduz to not come back because they will be killed if they do.

K S Eshwarappa Makes Sexist Remarks

Continuing the legacy of ministers with their foot in their sexist mouth, K S Eswarappa of BJP make a derogatory statement to a journalist at a press conference. The journalist asked him his opinion on the double gang rape of the minors in Delhi, to which he replied “You are here, if someone takes you, rapes you then what can opposition do?” This statement sparked outrage in the media as well as amongst the opposition. He is not the only one to make such comments recently. M K Khattar, Haryana Chief Minister was quoted saying ” If women want freedom, why don’t they roam naked?” These are the wonderful ministers in charge.

Indian Navy Wants Women Pilots But Still No Combat Role

The Indian navy has still ruled out combat roles for women, however, they have said they will induct women as pilots for their maritime reconnaissance fleet. Navy Chief Admiral R K Dhowan said that the Navy is proud of its women officers. The combat position is not open for women due to a policy by the Govt of India. He pointed out that there are other areas of the navy where women are present – air traffic controllers, observers on-board an aircraft, training, legal and even overseers of construction of ships.

Missionaries of Charity closes down Several Adoption Centres

According to a new protocol, adoption centres cannot refuse single, divorced or separated individuals from adopting a child. Missionaries of Charity says that the law does not align with their conscience or their religious views and that’s why they are closing all adoption centres. They have been only placing children under the care of married couples. The new law also comes with an online registration process with Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) which makes it easier for individuals to adopt children.

Trangender Idol To Be Worshiped In Kolkata This Durga Puja

In collaboration with a trangender group, Pratyay,the Joy Mitra Street Uddami Yubak Brinda has installed a transgender Durga idol for the first time in Kolkata. The idol is half man and half woman representing a gender neutral idol. This step was taken to bring harmony amongst the different communities and bring about more acceptance.

Featured Image Credit: The Pratyay Gender Trust

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