Infographic: How Can Men Be A Part of The Feminist Movement?

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Feminism has become a repulsive word for many, especially men. Feminists are seen as angry women who hate men and want to destroy masculinity. These misconstrued versions of feminism have invented the pejorative term ‘feminazi’, comparing feminist ideology to Nazism. As atrocious as that is, feminism is very much beyond the understanding of angry woman hating men; it’s about empowering women and non-binary people to be at par with the social position of men. It deals with issues of social justice which are rooted in inequality.

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Men must realise that patriarchy is real and not only it is a system they benefit off from but it also affects them negatively. While they enjoy privileges over others with regards to their position in society, patriarchy polices individual behaviour on the basis of gender. Just as women are taught to be docile, caring, polite, and accept men as authority, men are constantly told to act tough, be aggressive and in control, not express their emotions and be averse to femininity. This has, for long, perpetuated gender stereotypes and is more than often a reason for suppressed emotions, mental and physical health issues, violent behaviour, substance abuse, among others. Feminism is inclusive to all these issues and is not a fight against men but a fight against the patriarchal system.

How Men Can Be Part Of Feminist Movement Infographic

If you are of the same mind then you must also understand that the system has contributed to lack of agency and credibility of women. When women call out men on misogynistic behaviour their narratives are rarely taken seriously. It is important to understand that men are more willing to listen to another man than a woman. Hence it is important for a man to be an ally in the feminist movement and use his privilege to speak against sexism.

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