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Flying Solo: 5 Female Masturbation Techniques Worth Exploring

Get to know the bumps and curves of your one unique body and see how she rewards you in return. Here are some masturbation techniques to help you along your journey.

The Female Orgasm: No two words in history have been the source of so much curiosity and hoopla while being so underexplored at the same time. While the whole world had been lamenting about the elusive female orgasm for centuries, not much had been done to find out why the elusiveness. Until now. Lo and behold, it’s 2019 and gone are the days when women were secretly wishing and praying that a miracle occurs and they have an orgasm. More and more research is being done about female bodies and real women are coming out to share what works for them. All these women have one thing in common: they took the time to explore their own bodies and figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. If you don’t know what you like how will you communicate this to a partner? It’s time to take our things into our own hands, literally. Get to know the bumps and curves of your one unique body and see how she rewards you in return. Here are some masturbation techniques to help you along your journey.

1. Edging: Delaying pleasure for more pleasure. 

Also known as ‘peaking’, ‘surfing’ or ‘slow masturbation’, edging is basically the art of building up your orgasm. The technique is easier said than done. Use any of the masturbation techniques below or do your own thing and as you approach orgasm, stop just before climax. You could stop for a minute or an hour depending on your patience level and what else you have planned for the day. Then start again, approach and delay, repeat as many times as you like. Remember to allow yourself to climax eventually and enjoy an intense earth shattering orgasm. It’s definitely more about the journey rather than the destination with this technique, although the destination feels delicious too.

2. Rhythm: Musical loop anyone? 

Your favourite song can be used to lift more than your spirits up. For this technique, play a song and follow the beats of the song to dance your fingers on or around your clitoris and vulva as you prefer. Some of us may find it difficult to last a whole song, while others may need a long playlist. Try alternating with fast beats and slow, find whatever works for you and just flow with the music, quite literally. Warning: The songs you choose may turn you on even you listen to them later without that intention.

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3. Accenting: Focused attention to one part of the movement

Accenting is all about paying more attention to one part of the movement by changing the pressure or speed and ‘accenting’ one part of the movement more than others. For example, say you were drawing a figure 8 around your clitoris, change the pressure and/or speed when you come to the intersection of the figure. Repeat the pattern and play around with different pressures and speeds within the same movement.

4. Consistency: Keep. Everything. The. Same. 

This is simple–Keep everything the same. Find a movement, pressure and speed that you enjoy and stick to it for this session. Persistence is the keyword with this pleasure technique. Often we get impatient and switch techniques too quickly, not giving our body enough time to warm up and enjoy the ride. Forget about the destination and just enjoy driving down the highway in this one.

5. Hinting: Now you feel me, now you don’t

While all of the other masturbation techniques mentioned here are about creating a pattern, hinting requires you to avoid creating any patterns. Tease yourself with different speeds, pressures and textures when using this technique. Make sure that you switch up the pace and pressure often to surprise your body. Experiment with different textures and temperatures, for example: touch yourself using a feather or a paintbrush, or position yourself under a tap of running water or engage in some air-play using a blow dryer. Be careful with the temperature of the water or the hair dryer and ensure hygiene while using external aides.

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The most important thing with any of these masturbation techniques is to remember that at the end of the day they are only techniques. While they may work on some people on some days, they may not work on others. Make friends with your body and recognize your own personal rhythms and ‘aha spots’, that may change depending on your mood, hormones, menstrual cycle, time of day or even what you eat! Get creative and involve different parts of your body in your exploration, you may find some surprising erogenous zones that you never thought of. Your body is your own personal wonderland and the more you take time to explore what feels good for you, the more you will be rewarded with sweet delicious pleasure.

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