HealthSex & Sexuality Video: Inside The World Of Female Masturbation

Video: Inside The World Of Female Masturbation

Sex is an essential aspect of the human experience. Take a closer look inside the world of female masturbation in this video by Vitamin Stree.

Sex is an essential aspect of the human experience. However, sexual desire and pleasure have long been notoriously taboo topics in the Indian sphere, and even more so when it comes to the female sexual experience.

Conversations about women’s desires and their quest for sexual pleasure have always taken place in hushed whispers and closed rooms. But, these whispers are steadily getting louder.

According to a survey conducted by India Today in 2018, the number of Indians claiming they don’t masturbate has gone down from 75% to 35%. While several women in India use DIY methods to pleasure themselves, the booming sex toy market clearly indicates a growing interest in experimenting with new devices as well, including vibrators, dildos, and kegel balls!

More and more women are exploring their bodies and aren’t shying away from taking the aid of female-centric porn, which treats women as subjects of pleasure, rather than objects. In lieu of this changing trend, it’s clear that a shift in society’s perspective is also much needed. The conversations surrounding female masturbation are virtually non-existent. By attempting to provide an overview of the Indian woman’s quest for sexual pleasure, we aim to spark a conversation and spread awareness around owning and understanding one’s body, and the right to self-pleasure.

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    Should be Reduce Lone Liness moods and Reduce making self making pleasure••

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