Meet Roshini Kumar, photographer, master of her own will, cancer survivor.

A regular teenager, Roshini was doing everything to fit in – trying to lose weight, wondering if she was pretty – all the things the society makes you question about yourself. But at the age of 14, she faced something nobody could have prepared her for – Stage four bone cancer. While her friends were out playing, studying and living their teenage years, she was thrown into the deep end, fighting for her life.

Roshini describes chemotherapy as one of the worst periods in her life. It killed the cells in her body, both good and bad – and ironically she lost all the weight she was starving to lose. But by then she couldn’t even sit up on her hospital bed without help, and with her weight loss, body shape mattered no more. She now wanted to fight and survive, to live a life she wanted, not one dictated by the society.

10 years on, cancer free and healthy, Roshini says she has evolved as a person. She is now a professional photographer, who uses her skills to campaign about body positivity and inclusivity.

Battling cancer is like being at war with one’s own body; surviving it changes perspectives. For Roshini, battling the disease has meant defeating her insecurities and learning to love herself, unconditionally.

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