A Basic Human Experience: Paromita Vohra Demystifies Sex And Love
A Basic Human Experience: Paromita Vohra Demystifies Sex And Love

From hushed classroom conversations to incognito window searches, sex is one of the most important and yet, the one of the most taboo topics of conversations. We spent the day with Paromita Vohra, founder of Agents of Ishq, in a conversation about love and sex. She spoke to us about the importance of having a strong emotional language to talk about relationships and intimacy.

Society discourages children from having conversations around sex because they think it will give them ‘ideas.’ “This fear that people will get ideas, as if you can stop them from getting ‘ideas’, is something we have to get rid of” says Paromita

Paromita goes on to explain, that the common belief is that ‘love’ is on a higher plane than ‘sex’, often referring to sexual encounters as ‘just sex’ as if we are aiming to achieve something higher, which makes the idea of sexual pleasure inferior in comparison. “Honestly, we have never given sex the importance it deserves”, Paromita elaborates.

So what’s the solution? Paromita believes it’s time that we move sex out of the shadows and start an open conversation about it, conversations that would help children navigate their sexual lives and adults discuss their problems. Conversations that would spark discussions on a wide range of topics from sexual violence to population control. “Everything in our country will be a lot simpler if we just start talking about the ‘S’ word”, she concludes.

And as a parting comment, Paromita remarks “you can always tell how good things are in a city, by whether there are lovers in the gardens”.

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