Optimism The Right Way: Rytasha Talks Self-Love and Body Positivity
Optimism The Right Way: Rytasha Talks Self-Love and Body Positivity

Body image, one of the few things we girls are acutely aware of since childhood, being constantly reminded how we look — tall, short, fat, skinny, dark, fair, a long list of society approved adjectives, that have done more harm than good, since time immemorial. Damage incurred includes low esteem, hating one’s body, always striving/working towards impossible standards of perfection.

Mostly, girls slowly start to hate their body after being repeatedly called fat or skinny — obese or bony, a self-loathing that often stays for life. So in this video, with actor and influencer Rytasha Rathore, Vitamin Stree aims to start a conversation around body positivity and self love.

Rytasha’s fun loving and eccentric character oozes self love. She speaks about her journey from hating her body as a child, to loving it as she pursued her dreams, her journey from self-consciousness to self-love. She shares with us that moment when for the first time she realised that she did not look like the other kids, looking into the mirror and realising that she’s ‘fat’. But then exploring her body’s grace and falling in love with it at drama school.

Body positivity for her, is to not hate your body but to try and make it the best version of itself. She firmly believes that after everything, what really matters is the person behind the body and growth that lies beyond physical matter.

““I don’t think people should put so much focus on physical appearance, it is literally the least important thing”

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