No Deepika, An Acid Attack Survivor's Face Is Not A 'Look'
No Deepika, An Acid Attack Survivor's Face Is Not A 'Look'

Deepika Padukone has yet again left us disappointed with her recent act of promotion on social media. After being in the headlines for her social experiments to create awareness about acid attack as well as for standing in solidarity with the students of JNU, Deepika has reappeared into the headlines, and this time for all the wrong reasons!

Recently for her movie Chhapaak, she asked a makeup artist on Tik Tok to recreate three of her “favourite” makeup looks. What was shocking was that one of those three looks featured that of an acid-attack survivor Malti from her latest film. This clearly makes us question whether is it fair to show trauma as a ‘makeup look’ just for the sake of promotions? 

Calling Deepika Out

The survivor of an acid attack takes a long time to overcome their trauma and move forward in life. Their journeys are commendable and inspirational. But to call an acid attack survivor’s reality her favourite ‘look’, which is in no way easy due to the pain and stigma they face, is kinda grossly patronizing from Deepika’s end. 

Many users on Twitter called out Deepika for this insensitivity. Even actress Kangana Ranaut asked Deepika to apologise for this.

Also, the very fact that after showing how deeply she understood the psyche of the survivors her recent promotional stunt raises many questions about the kind of society we live in. A society where people go to heights of insensitivity to promote their ventures. 

We need to understand that although, Deepika through her film has attempted to make people aware of the grave issues related to acid attack, still, this act of making acid attack survivors’ faces be accepted through a ‘makeup look’ just glorifies and at the same time, undermines their trauma and pain. They will always have to live with their reality every day; it’s not a ‘look’ that you can flaunt for some time and then take off!

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The Defenders

On one hand, while a lot of people criticized this act of the actress there were a few too who supported the actress and the makeup artist. Their major point of defense was calling this act an act of creativity.

The defenders said that recreating the ‘look’ was just the makeup artist’s attempt to show off her skills. Still, This still doesn’t explain why Deepika would call it her “favourite look” and try to glorify the abuse and the heinous crime on a light note.

It is interesting to point out that it’s not new for actors to put on prosthetic to relate with a character. But relating also includes real connection and understanding of the character and their life. Deepika’s attempt to normalize Malti’s reality by calling it a ‘look’ shows a lack of empathy and understanding towards the issue. 

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After all, an acid attack survivor’s face is not winged liner, pink lip gloss, contour, and foundation that you can put on and take off. 

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