MultimediaInfographics Infographic: Busting Myths About Menopause!

Infographic: Busting Myths About Menopause!

Even today, we have a lot of mystery surrounding very normal bodily processes like menstruation and menopause. Let's debunk some myths about it!

The female body is always a topic of contention for one reason or another, so it’s no surprise that even today we have a lot of stigma and mystery surrounding very normal bodily processes like menopause. In this series, we debunk some common myths about it so that we are one step closer to demystifying this otherwise hush-hush topic!

“Menopause is an illness”

While some people treat it like an illness, it is just another phase of life. The average age of menopause is around 46 years in India, and the average lifespan for people with a uterus is 69 years. We can spend up to at least a third of our lives in the post-menopausal stage.

menopause is not an illness

“Menopause signals the end of sexual intimacy”

In general, the biological component of sexual desire gradually decreases as people age. Despite these changes, it doesn’t have to signal the end of sexual desire or intimacy.

sexual intimacy and desire

“Menopause leads to Depression”

Hormonal fluctuations usually take place during the perimenopausal period – the period that the body takes to transition into this phase. These fluctuations increase mood swings and vulnerability to depression if the person had severe PMS or an existing predisposition to mental illness. However, it does not guarantee onset of depression.

depression and mental health

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“Menopause is synonymous with hot flashes, weight gain, and memory loss”

To some extent, loss of memory comes with ageing, which might coincide with the time a person is experiencing menopause. The same goes for weight gain as we burn fat slower as we age. Hot flashes can actually be worse during perimenopause, and not as much during menopause itself.

weight gain and memory

Let’s stop it from being such a stigmatised topic and demystify the female body! Knowing more about our bodies help us feel empowered in the different stages of life, and menopause is nothing but another aspect of bodily change that one experiences in their life.

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