FII Inside News Two Of FII’s Campaigns Win The SM4E Award

Two Of FII’s Campaigns Win The SM4E Award

Dear FII reader,

We’re so happy to inform you that two of FII’s campaigns #GBVInMedia and #AbortionMeraHaq (in collaboration with Asia Safe Abortion Partnership) won the Social Media For Empowerment (SM4E) awards organised by the non-profit Digital Empowerment Foundation. These campaigns were led by FII’s former Campaign Manager Asmita Ghosh.

The Social Media for Empowerment Award, since 2013, is a platform that identifies, recognises and honours initiatives that leverage the power of social media to bring a change. It seeks to strengthen and support social media initiatives for social good by the civil society organisations, community-based organization, public, private and other agencies of development in India and South Asia. The complete list of winners can be found here.

The #GBVInMedia by FII critiques the reportage of gender-based violence (GBV) within mainstream media by assessing the language framework and addressing it by offering guidelines.

Since the language used by the media influences the audience’s views on GBV and thus, has a long-term impact on social understating of the phenomena, we created a toolkit through the campaign that includes guidelines to implement gender-sensitive and ethical reporting, generate reporting awareness through workshops for the budding journalists at Journalism Schools in India, and provide 10 copyright free images to depict the cases of rape, sexual violence and assault. The images provided by the #GBVInMedia campaign are currently used by publications such as the Scroll, News Laundry, Indian Express, and more. Furthermore, the infographics, posters, and videos are shared on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter along with interactive sessions in the chats.

#AbortionMeraHaq (Abortion is my right) campaign by FII and Asia Safe Abortion Partnership is a digital advocacy campaign demanding safe, legal and affordable abortion for those who require through spreading education and awareness about abortion right in India. 

With four major themes of the campaign being — law & policy, medical information, abortion stigma, and sex-selective abortion in India, the content was shared on the website and social media platforms— Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This wouldn’t be have been possible without your love and support, . We would like to thank you for reading, contributing, sharing and supporting our work!

For us to continue bringing you the best in intersectional, feminist media and making large-scale impact, we need your support. Become an FII member!


Team FII 🙂

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