FII Wins SCARF Media For Mental Health Award

FII’s Staff Writer Sudipta Das won the 2021 SCARF Media for Mental Health Award for excellence in reporting on mental health for their article “Nobody Affirmed My Queerness”: Experience Of Childhood Counselling Sessions, published on Feminism in India on February 18, 2021

The awards are instituted by the Schizophrenia Research Foundation, or SCARF, headquartered in Chennai, and felicitates work that has contributed to mental health awareness. 

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SCARF described the article as “daring and striking efforts of the author of sharing their personal journey with queerness and mental health. Through their article, the author invites readers into an intimate exploration of their mental landscape, shedding light on queer affirmative therapy as a hope for the community.”

Other winners in the English language media include Riddhi Dastidar of India Spend and Vinod Kumar Menon of The Mid Day. While in regional media, Sindhuvasini of BBC Hindi and Sijo Pynadath of Deepika Daily won the award.

Sudiksha Jain (Margika) and Ayushi Khemka (The Health Collective India) were given special mentions.

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The winners were selected out of around 40 entries by a jury that included Dr Jaya Sreedhar, a media health consultant, writer and chairperson of the SCARF Media Awards, and Venkatesh R, editor-in-chief of Dinamalar Pattam.

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