FII Inside News Meet Mehwash – FII’s Featured Writer Of September 2023

Meet Mehwash – FII’s Featured Writer Of September 2023

FII would not exist if not for the passionate and loyal feminist writers’ community that we have steadily been building over the years. This September, we feature Mehwash Hussain.

We have been featuring the best writers from our writers’ community for their committed contribution to FII, making it what it is today. FII would not exist if not for the passionate and loyal feminist writers’ community that we have steadily been building over the last few years. This September, we feature Mehwash Hussain.

Mehwash is a part-time writer and full-time dreamer. She is a journalist who believes in spreading kindness through stories and looking forward to making an impact on the world with her words. And when she’s not working, one can find her getting lost in the world of fiction. Sone of her popular articles include ‘Meri Beti Nahi Beta Hai’: Why Do Indian Parents Glorify Sons More Than Daughters?, Why Do Rural Women Have Little To No Opportunity To Participate In Politics?, No, Asexuality Is Not ‘Just A Phase!’ among others.

FII: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do

I am a full-time dreamer and part-time journalist. I am mostly found reading things on the internet from political news to memes. I am very passionate about journalism as it allows me to read and write extensively. I want to use my journalistic abilities and skills to make a difference in our society and write stories on the underrated yet important issues.

FII: How did you become a part of the FII writer family?

I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across FII and ever since that day it became a routine to read an article every day. When I came across FII’s MOTM call for submission, I submitted my first-ever pitch in a heartbeat as the theme hit home. It was published in that month which made me really happy because it was a topic that I really cared about. Along with MOTM themes, I started pitching stories to FII and thus began my journey as a contributing writer.

FII: How and when did you become a feminist? Which issues within feminism are close to your heart?

I didn’t become a feminist because I was always one. Ever since my childhood, when relatives used to show sympathy to my parents for not having a son, I came to realise the deep-rooted patriarchal values and how desperately I wanted to challenge them. Being a feminist in today’s social and political scenario is an immense need.

I care deeply about violence against women, women’s financial freedom, gender inequality and discrimination on the basis of caste and religion.

FII: What is your favourite piece on this site that you have written, and your favourite piece on this site that you have read? Why did they strike you?

My favourite piece that I wrote for FII is ‘No, Asexuality Is Not A Phase’. This article is important because people still don’t understand asexuality and misinterpret the meaning of it. It took me an immense amount of courage to write this article and come out to the world. I am grateful to FII for providing people with a platform where they feel safe.

I don’t have one favourite piece but three on the FII website namely, The State And Its Men Are Not The Messiahs Of Muslim Women; Where Are All The Women In Journalism and I Am Terrified of Marriage: A Personal Account Of Navigating Marriage Pressure and Gender Roles. I have found myself relating to certain parts of these extremely brilliant pieces and undoubtedly, these articles are the reality of today’s patriarchal society.

FII: What do you like to do when not writing about gender and social justice?

When I am not writing, I dive deep into the world of contemporary fiction, rewatch Wake Up Sid and daydream about meeting Shah Rukh Khan one day.

FII: What do you like about FII and our work? What more would you like to see from us?

I like how FII stands out with its diversified stories on all the important issues that society doesn’t address. It is a safe space for people from all walks of life. I like the thoughtful and considerate idea of the job and opportunity board at a time when finding a job is difficult. FII is my go-to website to understand and learn more about feminism.

I would like to see FII grow and reach a wider range of audience and be the voice of justice and safe space as it is.

FII thanks Mehwash for her timely and valuable contributions. We are incredibly grateful to have her as a part of our writers’ community and appreciate her for the deeply informative writing. 

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