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Arina Parmir Alam is 24 year old transgender woman who lives in Gramsalika, a small village in West Bengal. Her family identified her as a boy when she was born and call her Kabir, a boy's name. She eventually became convinced that gender transition was absolutely necessary for her to achieve peace of mind.

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Why Sex And Gender Are Not As Separate As It Is Understood Today

Why Sex And Gender Are Not As Separate As It Is Understood Today

The primary problem with such an organisation of gender and sex is that it negates the possibility of other “biologically” gendered identities; even if it is identified, it is mostly identified as an imperfection, a flaw or even a disorder.
The Impact Of Covid-19 On Assam's Women Weavers

The Impact Of Covid-19 On Assam’s Women Weavers

In a world that is marred with COVID-19, India has been in a lockdown and the practice of physical distancing is in practice. This has severely impacted these women weavers who have lost their livelihood and space of solidarity.
Digital School Reopening: Technology's Added Burden For Mothers

Digital School Reopening: Technology’s Added Burden For Mothers

In the case of online school classes, the ones who have it the hardest are the mothers who have more than one child under class 4 or 5 who need to be present with the child during the class time, especially the ones who do not have the work-from-home option and cannot afford a nanny.