Subhajit Naskar

Subhajit Naskar is a Kolkata-based photojournalist and visual artist. Capturing the melange of emotions through the lens is his forte. The stream of human emotion has always moved him from the inside. He believes visual expressions are much more alluring than any other socio-psyche construct. To him, all frames are more than mere pictures; they narrate stories- stories of emotions. To him, photography is not just a hobby but a passion for politics, the portrayal of human life, and a mirror of emotions. He was recognized in the Toto Photography Awards (Finalist), Black and White Spider Photography Awards, Lensculture Street Photography Awards, Polyphony International Photo Festival, International Color Awards, Create COP26, Indian Photo Festival – Hyderabad, etc. His works have been published in Vice Media, The Quint, The Citizen, Himal Southasian, Gaon Connection, etc

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