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Pinjra Tod. No Sex Please, We’re (Unmarried) Bharatiya Naaris

No Sex Please, We’re (Unmarried) Bharatiya Naaris

We don’t want to be controlled, all we want is the right to be us.

Why The JNU Row Is A Feminist Issue That Concerns Us All

"This isn’t a feminist issue, stay in your lane!" – Everyone supporting the government’s position on JNU.February 2016 has presented us with a tirade...

Your nationalism or our nationalism? [Poem]

Your nationalism or our nationalism? History will be the judge.

A Tale Of Two Universities: From UoH To JNU

On the 17th of January 2016, Rohith Vemula, who was a second-year Dalit PhD student of Life Sciences, hanged himself inside the campus of...

#OccupyUGC Struggle Intensifies After Delhi Police Lathi Charges

A large number of students sitting outside the UGC office, protesting against the decision to scrap the non-NET fellowship were brutally lathi charged and...

The Regressive State Of Women Colleges In India

First #PinjraTod, then #OccupyUGC, what's next?

What Exactly Is Happening In Chennai’s Engineering Colleges?

"We protested for basic freedoms. We wanted to not be treated like slaves", says students from Chennai's Engineering Colleges

Pinjra Tod: Stop Caging Women Behind College Hostel Bars

The air of Delhi is smelling a fresh campaign named Pinjra Tod, launched by female students of Delhi, studying in different colleges in the...

Gender Studies Group In DU Launches Sexuality Booklets

Due to a lack of a proper comprehensive sexuality education syllabus in educational institutions, young people often face issues relating to gender and sexuality....

What's Trending On FII?

The Big Bang Theory And Its Black Holes: A Feminist review of the series finale.

The Big Bang Theory And Its Black Holes: A Feminist Review Of The Series...

The finale of The Big Bang Theory aired on Friday raises important questions with regard to its women characters and their representation.
What Is Intimate Partner Rape And Does Our Society Foster It?

What Is Intimate Partner Rape And Does Our Society Foster It?

Marital rape or intimate partner rape is deeply pervasive and everyday reality contrary to what Indian men or women typically like to admit.
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.