The Survivor’s Guide on How to Navigate the Criminal Justice System

A quick guide on how a survivor of rape can navigate through the criminal justice system.

A Tale Of Two Universities: From UoH To JNU

On the 17th of January 2016, Rohith Vemula, who was a second-year Dalit PhD student of Life Sciences, hanged himself inside the campus of...

Why Bajrang Dal Is Awesome For Wanting To Marry Couples Off

It’s Valentine’s Day and I am looking at my Facebook wall for juicy stories because my boyfriend is in Hyderabad. I am at home,...

Feminist News Wrap – #PachauriPromoted, JNU Student Leader Arrest, First Women Qazis

TERI Sexual Harassment CaseLast week, RK Pachauri, who is still facing charges of sexual harassment, was promoted to the position of Vice Chairman at...

Runners With Wife And Everyday Sexism In Sports

I have been running for four years now and I have been female for 27 years.

Feminist News Wrap: Racism in India, Hindu Women Karta & Surrogacy

Racism in IndiaA 35-year-old woman in north Bengaluru died on Sunday after being rammed by a car driven by an African (Sudanese) student. But...
Statement of Solidarity for Rohith Vemula's Mother Radhika Vemula

Statement of Solidarity for Rohith Vemula’s Mother Radhika Vemula

Stop the attack on Rohith’s mother Radhika Vemula.

Harrowing Sexist Experience at Charminar Hyderabad

Apparently, single women can't climb up the Charminar on their own and need to be accompanied by male company.

Maneka Gandhi’s Statements on compulsory sex-determination and tracking pregnancies: What it means for women’s...

Maneka Gandhi’s statement do not yet indicate an anti-abortion agenda, but the proposal does betray a confusion about first principles.

Feminist News Wrap: Rohith Vemula, Sunny Leone and LGBT Radio Cab

Rohith Vemula CaseThe beginning of last week saw the suicide of Rohith Vemula, a Dalit scholar at the University of Hyderabad that led to...

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Priyanka Chopra And The Problems With Gaslighting Women

Gaslighting: Priyanka Chopra And Her Not So Good Will

While the words and language used may vary, the goal of gaslighting is to undermine the target by portraying her as unreasonable, unreliable and inherently defective in mind as well as character/morality.
My Experience On Matrimonial Sites —The Cesspits Of Humanity

My Experience On Matrimonial Sites —The Cesspits Of Humanity

Now, as I fight a daily battle in the war against arranged marriage, I have realised that my parents’ standards for a husband for me are so much worse than mine. As a method of finding a life partner, I believe matrimonial sites are the cesspit of humanity.
My Reflections On The Freedom To Travel As A Queer Couple

My Reflections On The Freedom To Travel As A Queer Couple

And as a queer couple, we were engulfed by the fear of being met with displeasure or perhaps, even violence, if we were to be seen indulging in any form of physical affection.