Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Feminist News Wrap: Chennai’s Sexist Colleges, “Obscene” Cover Stories & #PinjraTod

Media's MisogynyLast week, one of the more well-known and popularly 'sensational' Tamil magazines, Kumudam, ran a cover story which talked about the "obscenity of...

#ParkMeinPDA: A Tweetchat On Perceptions & Experiences

#ParkMeinPDA: Claiming Public Spaces is a collaborative campaign that asserts unequivocally that moral policing in public or even indeed private spaces is unacceptable. Recent...

Gender Studies Group In DU Launches Sexuality Booklets

Due to a lack of a proper comprehensive sexuality education syllabus in educational institutions, young people often face issues relating to gender and sexuality....

Feminist News Wrap – Munnar Women Strike, Saudi Diplomat Leaves & Meat Ban Overturn

Women PowerIn a supremely successful all women strike, thousands of women labourers converged in Munnar, the tea town in Kerala’s Idukki district, from plantations...

Ms. Maneka Gandhi – Raising a Child Is Not A Mother’s Job Alone!

A few days ago, the Facebook page of the Ministry of Women & Child Development, posted this particular news article. While at the face...

Boys of Bangladesh launches first-ever Bangladeshi lesbian comic “Dhee”

Boys of Bangladesh launches Dhee, a lesbian comic character.

Feminist News Wrap – Caste-Based Violence, Communal Violence & More

Cultural CleaningConsidering the great success the central government has enjoyed in the cleaning up India (sarcasm alert), they now want to move to the...

Feminist News Wrap – Condom Ads, Rape As Punishment & Mahila Samakhya

Condoms, Ads & "Morals"The latest condom advertisement featuring Sunny Leone has attracted some really ridiculous comments. It started with Communist Party Leader, Atul Anjan. He...

The Transpeople Talk – Revisiting Society

I recently attend a seminar conducted by a Kolkata-based organization named Sambhavna run by and for the transpeople, conducting awareness programmes across the city.

Feminist News Wrap: Moral Policing, Khap Panchayats & Rape As Punishment

Khap Panchayat rules that two sisters be raped because of their brother's follyIn yet another show of the vile rulings of the Khap Panchayat,...

What's Trending On FII?

Film Review: Section 375 Maintains The Narrative Of Disbelief In Survivor Stories

Film Review: Section 375 Maintains The Narrative Of Disbelief In Survivor Stories

If you want to see what that looks like on screen, you should watch Section 375, a courtroom thriller about sexual assault in the #MeToo era, a film that supposedly presents a “balanced” perspective, but ultimately sides with the accused.
St. Francis College, Hyderabad Takes Body Policing To A New Level

St Francis College, Hyderabad Takes Body Policing To A New Level

Posted by Palak DawarAs per the Indian Constitution, there is no such right as the “right to...
Choice Feminism: A Self-Imposed Barrier To Progress

Choice Feminism: A Self-Imposed Barrier To Progress?

Choice feminism is a more individual-centric approach than is feminism as a whole, which believes that empowerment can be found in the act of making a “choice”, however in line it may be even with ancient patriarchal norms.