Saturday, February 22, 2020
"Nights Want Lights, Not Locks": Patiala Students Campaign Against Hostel Curfews

“Nights Want Lights, Not Locks”: Patiala Students Campaign Against Hostel Curfews

Patiala students started a campaign ‘Nights want Lights, not Locks ’ to protest against hostel curfews and gender-based discrimination.
Hillary Clinton and what her candidacy has meant to me

Hillary Clinton And What Her Candidacy Has Meant To Me

It is important to talk about Hillary Clinton. It is important, even for someone who was not a stakeholder in the U.S elections of 2016, the campaign for which went on for much longer than healthy or necessary.
Why Is Facebook Terrified Of Women's Nipples?

It’s 2016 And Facebook Is Still Terrified Of Women’s Nipples

It's 2016 and Zuckerberg still has a nipple problem. Facebook apparently can't stand breasts and women's nipples but men's are okay.
"Will You Be Back Early?": Problems Single Women Face In Finding Accommodation

“Will You Be Back Early?”: Problems Single Women Face In Finding Accommodation

“I do not allow drinking in the house.” – these are some of the common questions or instructions single women looking for a place to stay face.
Public Spaces

Women in Public Spaces: Do Public Spaces Only Belong To Men?

Let's recognise the disparity between men and women's experiences of public spaces and work on dismantling that. A woman has the right to occupy public spaces without fearing for her safety, no matter the time of the day or her choice of clothing. Eleven-year-old dreamers have the right to dawdle on their way to school, watching for cracks in the pavements without a care in the world.
Yo Indian Cricketers, What's In A Mother's Name?

Yo Indian Cricketers, What’s In A Mother’s Name?

Recently the Indian cricket team played an international match in which the players wore special jerseys with their mothers' names emblazoned on them. The gesture was variously described as "emotive" "never before" and "being used to power social change". For wearing their mothers' names THE ONE TIME.

End Repression in Kashmir: A Call from the Civil Society

We, the undersigned, are dismayed over the ongoing crisis in Kashmir. We have watched in horror and shock the repetitive cycle of state aggression leading to violence, deteriorating state of civil liberties, violation of fundamental rights and ever escalating loss of human life and dignity in Kashmir.

The Banality of Rape: A Survivor Story

Rape is not just a delimited event in the victim's past. The trauma insidiously penetrates the deeper layers of her personality and of her fears. It instils a long-lasting feeling of insecurity.
Feminist news

Feminist News Wrap: Monika Ghurde, Ashoka University, & The Uniform Civil Code

A quick overview of feminist news from last week!
Decoding The Mental Health Bill 2016

Decoding The Mental Health Bill 2016

The Mental Health Bill 2016 was passed by the Lok Sabha and is scheduled to be debated soon in the Rajya Sabha.

What's Trending On FII?

Power Of Misogynist Intellectuals: Jordan Peterson & His Indian Allies

Power Of Misogynist Intellectuals: Jordan Peterson & His Indian Allies

The Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson kicked up a storm with his seemingly compelling arguments against feminism, political correctness, and more.
stock images rape

Dear Media, Use These New Stock Images To Depict Rape Instead! | #GBVinMedia

FII ran a crowdsourced art campaign to create new stock images for the media to use when covering incidents of gender-based violence.
Why Is Marriage An Ultimatum For Women?

Why Is Marriage An Ultimatum For Women?

A man at a higher position, who has rejected the idea of marriage is looked at like a saint whereas an unmarried woman with the same status would always be the topic of gossip.