Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Click-Bait Media, Misrepresentation of Laws & the “False Cases” Argument

Click-bait media spreads misconceptions about laws in India and affects the actual reporting of cases.

Lofty Aims To Fail Before They Begin: Gender-research Varsity In Kerala With Gender-segregated Classrooms

The Education Minister of Kerela, the state which just announced that it is getting ready to set up a first-of-its-kind gender-focussed research-oriented university in...

Feminist News Wrap – Cubbon Park Rape, AIMPLB’s Invitation to Women & Reported Rape...

Laws, Legislation & Court Orders The Supreme Court had held that a wife becomes absolute owner of property willed to her for “maintenance” by her husband...

Feminist News Wrap – Dalit Cook, TERI Sexual Harassment Case and Dumaria Rape Survivor

Laws, Legislation & Court Verdicts The Supreme Court has said that a daughter's right to ancestral property does not arise if the father died before...

Dear Kundan Srivastava, It’s My Bra, My Body, My Clothes

Recently self-proclaimed fighter of “women’s rights” Kundan Srivastava, decided to teach women a lesson or two in how they should dress while out in public. He posted pictures of two women wearing clothes (of course without their consent) that revealed their bras underneath and sternly told his forty eight thousand followers (bigotry attracts bigotry I suppose) that women shouldn’t dress in “such fashion”. He also proceeded to tell women that they need to have some dignity.

18 Things You Should Know About The TERI Sexual Harassment Case

Two days ago, fresh news reports of the resignation of the complainant who filed a sexual harassment case against Director-General of TERI (The Energy...

#OccupyUGC Struggle Intensifies After Delhi Police Lathi Charges

A large number of students sitting outside the UGC office, protesting against the decision to scrap the non-NET fellowship were brutally lathi charged and...

Feminist News Wrap: Dalit Children Killed, #LynchIndia and Juvenile Age

Dalit Children Burnt Alive A Dalit family's house was set on fire by people belonging to the "upper caste" and two children (aged two and...
end revenge porn

“Internet – A Dark Carnival Of Humanity’s Wretched Impulses”: John Oliver

By now, it has almost become a matter of great ennui to discuss the ways in which technology, irrespective of its supposed benefits, is unleashing its evils on us. And yet, many these ‘evils’ largely remain out of popular discussions even till today. One of them is, online sexual harassment, popularly called ‘Revenge Porn.’

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Ezhava And Proud – 23 Years After Hiding My Caste From The World

Ezhava And Proud—23 Years After Hiding My Caste From The World

I am writing this for the 8-year-old child feeling ashamed and for women like my mother who made her child understand the implications of belonging to an oppressed lower caste.
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.
5 Sikh Women In History You Should Know About

5 Sikh Women In History You Should Know About

Sikh women have a long history of fighting patriarchy, enacting radical change, and taking up leadership roles.