What do we want? Female representation!
When do we want it? Ummm, how about now?

Hey Bollywood, we’re back! In 2017, we put the top 10 hits of the year to a little test of female representation, called the Bechdel Test, and only 3 passed! One year and many more hits later, we are still left asking  –  Where them girls at? 

So, we bring you Bollywood Bechdel Test: The 2018 Edition! We give you a lowdown on whether Bollywood 2018 did as well in female representation as it did at the box office!

The rules of the test are simple: A film should have at least 2 women, both named, having a conversation about anything except a man. Let’s dive in.

If you’re thinking, hey, cut the blockbusters some slack, Bollywood did make female-centric films in 2018, then we hear you! So, this year, we also took a closer look at 5 films touting strong female characters, and progressive plots, hoping they’d pass the Bechdel Test.

The results, however, were not impressive  –  while Bollywood may have evolved in content, and overall cinema, improvement in female representation is sadly lacking. Even though the narratives surrounding social and women’s issues were well received in movies like Padman and Stree, they were, sadly, still being pushed by men  –  and that is why a basic measure of female representation like the Bechdel test, becomes so important.

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But, we’re not losing hope! Let’s see if Bollywood can buck up and deliver…because we’ll be back next year with a fresh edition of the Bollywood Bechdel Test!

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