Censex – The Vitamin Stree Sex Survey: Let's Talk About Sex
Censex – The Vitamin Stree Sex Survey: Let's Talk About Sex

In October 2018, Vitamin Stree set out to understand how urban millennials in India view sex and sexuality, by conducting an anonymous, online survey. 2500 respondents addressed topics like introduction to sex, porn and masturbation, good sex and bad sex, sexual health, consent and female sexual pleasure.

Young Indians took the opportunity to break their silence and revealed their beliefs, attitudes and questions when it comes to sex. While we received some interesting answers about the average millennial’s sexual habits,we also came across a few disheartening responses which shed light on how important it is to address female sexual pleasure, and consent.

So we created Censex, a five-part video series in collaboration with five social media influencers  – Dhruv Sehgal, Mahima Kukreja, Saloni Chopra, Aniruddha Mahale and Priya Malik. These videos break down the information gathered from the survey to help make sense of sex, consent and pleasure , in the eyes of young, urban Indians.

Our female respondents revealed that 65% of them watch porn, while 34% of them watch it 3 to 4 times a month.

When it comes to experimentation in bed, 54% of our respondents expressed their interest in roleplay, while many men showed excitement towards threesomes. But, while many are hoping to turn their fantasies into reality, 20% of our respondents find it difficult to discuss them with their partners,only a few use protection every time, and many don’t address issues with their sexual health by visiting a doctor.

One of the most important points that came to light was the concept and definition of consent. Many respondents shared their understanding of consent, which differed from person to person. 1 in 8 women revealed that their first sexual experience, was without their consent. . This drives home the importance of early sex education, gender sensitisation and more open and honest conversations. Along with guidance and communication, young urban Indians can foster a healthier attitude towards sex and sexuality.

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With fascinating insights that cover the basics of various facets of sex, the Censex series of videos is a unique look at the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to sexual behaviour in India. To learn more, you can do a quick binge-watch of all the videos through the YouTube playlist at the top of the page and also read our whitepaper, here. Remember to like & share the videos, leave a comment and subscribe to our channel.

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