8 Posters At The CAA Protests In Delhi That Screams Resistance
8 Posters At The CAA Protests In Delhi That Screams Resistance

While sloganeering and speeches are very crucial parts of organised protests, there is always more to resistance on the streets. Posters are a part of “Protest Art” that provides activists to get creative with their forms of resistance. These can be really powerful in conveying messages through slogans, illustrations, symbols and street art for a particular issue at hand, as it was in the case of the CAA Protests.

The last week, Delhi saw the worst and the best of the citizens of India, when it came to protesting against the anti-Muslim, discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. The overwhelming support that the movement has received saw students soaring their throats to slogans of freedom and democracy, which was loud enough to reach the most powerful spaces of state, government and civil society. However, the protest posters too were ear-piercing in speaking volumes against this Islamophobic, fascist, right-wing BJP government.

Here are our favourites:

1. Modi-Shah, You Gave Me Depression

Mental Health And Fascism

2. Rise Against Fascism

Muslim Women Taking Guiding Us Through The Movement

3. Don’t Be Dead Inside For Democracy

Resurrect The Democracy That Died In 2014

4. Feminists Against Fascists

Feminists Against Hetero-Patriarchal Fascists

5. Make Tea Not War

Brew Love, Not Hate

6. Fascism, Down Down

Reclaim The Streets

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7. Delhi Police: Shanti (Peace), Sewa (Service), Nyaya (Justice)?

The Posters From The Other Side

8. Bol Ki Labh Azaad Hai Tere

India’s Daughters

9. PM 2.0 Is Worse Than PM 2.5

This Government Are Gonna Kill Us Before The Pollution
Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Scroll

Despite the massive legal and police surveillance in the anti CAA protests, people have not feared to speak their mind, both on the streets and on these posters. They have showed up in great numbers, fearlessly chanted anti-establishment slogans, gotten detained, but still have stood beside the Muslim students and citizens of this country, who have been categorically targeted by the National Register Of Citizens (NRC), National Population Register (NPR) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). We only hope, that this momentum against a fascist and patriarchal government will not be lost and we will all be able to fight through these trying times.

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  1. […] In a globalised world, it’s not uncommon for inventive resistance in a single location to attract on resistance iconography, symbols, concepts and motifs well-liked in different cultures. Artists from Lebanon and India, for instance, have repurposed the enduring “We Can Do It” poster from the 1940s that includes a girl flexing her arm in a gesture of self-empowerment. In one of many many protest posters created in India, the picture of this lady has been changed by one in a hijab. […]

  2. As far as my understanding, people protest against CAA only if they lack the basic understanding of CAA or they require more logical understanding about the law. Lets analyze the problem

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