MultimediaInfographics In Posters: Contraception Myths Busted! | #MyBodyMyMethod

In Posters: Contraception Myths Busted! | #MyBodyMyMethod

In the second poster series of FII and Find My Method's #MyBodyMyMethod campaign, we bust the various myths that are associated with contraception and its use.

Taking forward our #MyBodyMyMethod campaign, FII along with Find My Method, in this series are talking about the various myths that are associated with contraception and its use. While some myths can be the result of lack of awareness about the various contraceptive myths, others such as contraception leading to promiscuity are borne out of the many social and cultural taboos associated with sex and contraception use. Busting these myths then becomes important, so we can take away the misinformation and taboos associated with contraception use.

1. Myth: External condoms are the only type of contraception available.

Fact: No, external condoms are not the only type of contraception available. There are several lesser known methods of contraception including the internal condom, birth control pills, the contraceptive patch, the contraceptive implant, intrauterine devices and more!

2. Myth: All contraceptive methods can prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Fact: Only external and internal condoms can prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some people also use condoms along with their preferred contraceptive method to prevent STIs. For oral sex, condoms as well as dental dams can be used to prevent STIs.

3. Myth: I don’t need to use contraception if I have sex during my period.

Fact: Although the chances can be very low, unprotected sex during your period can also result in conception. Sperms can live upto 72 hours inside the uterus. The length of a person’s menstrual cycle can also play a role. Contraception can be used even during your period to prevent pregnancy.

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4. Myth: Wearing condoms reduces pleasure during sex.

Fact: Condoms offer protection against STIs. Some ways using a condom can be made pleasurable and fun is to try and look for different types of condoms, for eg. different flavours and textures, using lube, and getting comfortable with using condoms.

5. Myth: Anyone can use any contraceptive method. It doesn’t matter.

Fact: Different contraceptive methods can work for different people. Someone who might not want to use hormone-based contraceptive methods might opt for non-hormonal or barrier methods. Factors like comfort, effectiveness and side effects also play a role.

6. Myth: Access to contraception makes young people more promiscuous.

Fact: No, access to contraception doesn’t make young people more promiscuous. It instead helps them make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. It also encourages young people taking agency of their body and health.

7. Myth: The withdrawal method alone is quite effective.

Fact: The withdrawal method is highly ineffective, especially when it’s employed as the sole contraceptive method. The withdrawal method is only efficient when used with another contraceptive method, eg. condoms or birth control pills.

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This article is published as a part of the #MyBodyMyMethod awareness campaign on contraception. Feminism in India and Find My Method will be talking about the various forms of contraception, busting contraception myths and taboo, and much more throughout the month of September, 2020. Find My Method works to provide accurate contraceptive information for a global audience. You can find localised information that is easy to understand, and is globally representative on Find My Method’s website and forum. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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