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In this section, find photo essays of various protests, marches, pride walks and events by Feminism in India.

साल 2017 में इन 6 कलाकारों की कला बनी मील के पत्थर | Feminism In India

साल 2017 में इन 6 कलाकारों की कला बनी मील के पत्थर  

जाने 6 ऐसे कलाकारों की कला से को जिन्होंने महिलाओं पर केंद्रित मुद्दों पर अपनी बेबाक-बेहतरीन रचनाओं से इस साल मील के पत्थर बना दिया|
In Photos: Chalo Delhi! Protests Against The Trans Bill 2016 | #StopTransBill2016

In Photos: Chalo Delhi! Protests Against The Trans Bill 2016 | #StopTransBill2016

On 17th December 2017, transgender and intersex people from across the country gathered with one demand – #StopTransBill2016.
Kolkata Rainbow Pride

In Photos: The 16th Kolkata Rainbow Pride March

On Sunday, Kolkata witnessed queer rage and solidarity on the occasion of the 16th Kolkata Rainbow Pride March.
Bangalore Namma Pride

In Photos: Bangalore Namma Pride March 2017

From the colourful rainbow flag flying in all its glory to the unending dances on the streets, Bangalore Namma Pride March just had it all!
In Photos: 10th Delhi Queer Pride 2017 Among Smog And Haze

In Photos: 10th Delhi Queer Pride 2017 Amidst Smog And Haze

This Delhi Queer Pride was a representation of a milestone ten years of collective struggle to battle all forms of oppression and exclusion.

In Photos: The Dabbas Of Substance – A Field Food Diary

Meeting this positive bunch of women influenced notions of stamina, work and how a food carrying business can be much more than its contents.
मिलिए फैशन जगत की बार्बी डॉल से | Feminism In India

मिलिए फैशन जगत की ‘बार्बी डॉल’ से

न्यादक डकी थॉट की, एक सूडानी-आस्ट्रेलियाई मॉडल है| इन दिनों इन्स्टाग्राम में भी न्यादक की तस्वीरें चर्चा में है|
Not In My Name Delhi

Not In My Name – Delhi Protests The Lynching Of Minorities

Not In My Name is a citizen's movement protesting the targeted lynching of Muslims, Dalits & other minorities and the State's silence over it
Chennai Pride

In Photos: Chennai Pride March 2017

The ninth Chennai Pride march occurred this Sunday, and it was a riot of colour, dance, beats of the dhol, and intersectionality!
In A First, Lucknow Holds Uttar Pradesh's Awadh Queer Pride Parade

In A First, Lucknow Holds Uttar Pradesh’s Awadh Queer Pride Parade

On Sunday, 9th April 2017, the City of Nawabs Lucknow walked its first Awadh Queer Pride Parade, the first for Uttar Pradesh as well.

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Aijaz Sheikh

“Faith Healer” Aijaz Sheikh Has Sexually Abused Thousands Of Children

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