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On Becoming A Feminist, And Other Mundane Things

I did not know what feminism meant, but I remember being told I’m too rough for a girl. Or, was it bold? Or, rude? I don’t remember – there were many words that I was associated with, and believe it or not, I actually used to like them.
myths about feminism

The F-Word: 10 Common Myths About Feminism Debunked

"Feminists have no sense of humour" and other myths about feminism debunked!

Deconstructing Privilege: Equality, Equity & Justice

More often than not, when we are at a privileged position in the society with respect to a particular section or group, we fail to acknowledge it as what it is: a privilege.

An Open Letter To The Anti-feminists In My Life (And Yours)

Hello you. Yes, you. Don’t try to slink away. You know who you are. You are the pretty young college girl, who declares feminism isn’t for me when a professor asks. You are the macho man, who laughs when he meets feminist women.

To Be A Part Of The Feminist Movement: 10 Tips To My Male Friends

Feminism sometimes suffers from misinterpretation, social trolling, and a sort of xenophobia (as if it's a strange object) and hence its voice needs to reach the male audience, who play a significant role inside the patriarchal cage.

Making Up Your Mind About Make-Up And Feminism

What does feminism say about make-up?

9 Simple Yet Powerful Posters That Explain Feminism 101

Feminism 101: Feminism is not hating men. Feminism is not saying women are superior to men. Feminism is a battle against sexism of any kind.
Feminism 101: 4 Common Myths Debunked

Feminism 101: 4 Common Myths Debunked

There is a very mixed response from the masses about feminism, giving rise to numerous myths about it on a huge scale, hence a Feminism 101 is required.

Feminism The New Fad: Trivialising Issues & Independent Feminist Discussion

This is a collective, and we talk about feminism here; unbridled by specific events, issues, public and political figures. But does mainstream media do the same thing? Feminism has become the new celebrity fad.

Gender, Sexuality And The Internet: 15 Feminist Principles Of The Internet

The aim of the feminist principles of the internet is to bridge the gap between feminist movements and internet rights movements and look at intersections.

What's Trending On FII?

Why Do We Need The Menstrual Leave Policy In India?

Why Do We Need The Menstrual Leave Policy In India?

The debate on the ‘Menstruation Benefit Bill’ tabled by Ninong Ering, a Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha representing Arunachal Pradesh in 2018, triggered widespread discussion on the need to have menstrual leave policy for working women every month.
The Shortcomings Of Affirmative Action In India— A Chapter On Caste

The Shortcomings Of Affirmative Action In India— A Chapter On Caste

India boasts of the oldest and among the farthest-reaching set of affirmative action policies, enshrined within the constitution, created for the purpose of tackling caste-based discrimination and generations of injustice. Despite this, the goal of the annihilation of caste is far from being actualised.
The Eco-Gender Gap: Women Do More For The Planet Than Men

The Eco-Gender Gap: Women Do More For The Planet Than Men

The idea of an eco-gender gap is exactly what it sounds like—women bear more of the green burden than their male counterparts. We recycle more, we make an effort to avoid plastic where possible, and we are, by and large, just more conscientious when it comes to the environment.