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Unshackling the Recent Mental Health Care Bill 2016 | Feminism In India

Unshackling the Recent Mental Health Care Bill 2016

A few days ago, there was much rejoicing and celebrating in the mental health community. The Rajya Sabha on Monday unanimously passed the Mental Health Care Bill 2013, which seeks to provide better healthcare to people with mental illness and safeguard their rights. One of it’s salient features was giving a person the right to select a representative who would speak for the person if she or he gets diagnosed with a mental illness.

Should We Rejoice?: A Critical Analysis Of the Mental Health Care Bill 2016

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results," said Albert Einstein. This describes the Mental Health care system that has existed all over the world and in the present Mental Health Care Bill 2016 that was recently passed.

What does the Mental Health Care Bill Mean For Persons With Mental Illness?

The Mental Health Care Bill 2016 was passed in the Rajya Sabha on 8th August 2016. This Bill created lot of controversy within the sector as there seemed to be a never-ending tussle between persons with mental illness, the caregivers and the professionals who offer medical services.

Kripa Joshi’s Miss Moti Busts Body Image Issues One Comic At A Time

Kripa Joshi, a comic artist from Nepal who currently lives in the UK, is breaking this stereotype one comic a time. Kripa's character Miss Moti is a fat South Asian woman who can do anything she wants to and is an icon of body positivity.

How Your ‘Tough Love’ Hurts People with Depression – And What to Do Instead

I’ve suffered from depression for as long as I could remember, but that’s difficult for me to say out loud – not because I’ve ever shied away from sharing my life experiences, but because part of me believes that I’m making my depression up.
The Silence We Carry: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Mental Health

The Silence We Carry: Childhood Sexual Abuse And Mental Health

Childhood sexual abuse often has a huge impact in an individual’s mental health and has far reaching consequences. The mental health conditions most associated with childhood sexual abuse are post traumatic stress disorders, eating disorders, depression, and substance abuse disorders.

Living and Coping with Depression and Anxiety: A Resource List

One of the more frustrating things about depression is knowing that your brain is lying to you and not being able to stop that -- often it will find a weakness and highlight it beyond proportion and with no kindness. Over the years I have gathered resources and ways to help me in my episodes.

14 Illustrations On Anxiety That Will Make You Feel You’re Not Alone

Pranita Kocharekar really wanted people to know that they're not alone; she illustrates relatable feelings and emotions of an anxious person.

Taming the Beast: Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Naming my depression and anxiety was just the first step. It felt monumental, it probably was, but it was a small step in the life that awaited me.
mental health professionals

The Abyss of Mental Health: The Responsibilities of the Professional (Part 2)

Mental health professionals has to check their power and privilege as much as anyone else.

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Can Today's Hook Up Culture Harm Women More Than Men?

Can Today’s Hook Up Culture Harm Women More Than Men?

Though still stigmatised, hook up culture is steadily becoming a norm among millennials and university students, especially given the high incidence of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.
These Are The 15 Women Who Helped Draft The Indian Constitution/इन 15 महिलाओं ने भारतीय संविधान बनाने में दिया था अपना योगदान

These Are The 15 Women Who Helped Draft The Indian Constitution

On this Republic Day, let us take a look at the fifteen powerful women who helped draft the Indian Constitution.

Problems With The I-Pill And Lack Of Awareness About Contraception

The I-Pill increases the likelihood of unprotected sex among couples. For women who are not in monogamous sexual relations, it gives them a false sense of security.