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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Mental Health & Wellness

In this section, find articles, reviews, art work, poems, interviews, resources and professional services on mental health & wellness by Feminism in India.

black dog depressionvideo

Watch: The Black Dog of Depression

I had a black dog, his name was depression.
depression loved ones

How to Support A Loved One Who Is Dealing With Depression

But for people who have depression, it’s always a serious matter.
mental illness

Comic: If Physical Diseases Were Treated Like Mental Illnesses

What if physical diseases were treated like mental illness? You get the point!
icall helpline

An Introduction to iCall Helpline: A Counselling & Support Line for Mental Health

iCall helpline addresses some of the vast gaps that exist in the mental healthcare landscape in India via phone and email.
mental illness myths

5 Mental Illness Myths We Must Do Away With

Mental illness myths are inaccurate and don’t reflect the realities of mental health issues accurately.

Do You Know What A Person Who Wants To Commit Suicide Looks Like?

No person wants to actively commit suicide unless their life becomes too much to bear.
hyperbole and a half

Hyperbole and A Half: A Resourceful Blog on Mental Health

Hyperbole And A Half is a blog run by Allie Brosh on anxiety, depression and mental health
living with depression

Naming the Beast: Living with Depression

After years of living with abuse, I named the beast. I had depression
Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Why is it necessary to talk about mental health?
How Not To Report About Suicide

How Not To Report About Suicide

A person who commits suicide is not a 'loser'.

What's Trending On FII?

Priyanka Chopra And The Problems With Gaslighting Women

Gaslighting: Priyanka Chopra And Her Not So Good Will

While the words and language used may vary, the goal of gaslighting is to undermine the target by portraying her as unreasonable, unreliable and inherently defective in mind as well as character/morality.
Is The Muslim Women Act Just?: Voices From The Ground

Is The Muslim Women Act Just?: Voices From The Ground

Being a son of a woman, who was a victim of Instant Triple Talaq (ITT), I am trying to understand the Muslim Women Act, in the context of ground reality.
5 Ismat Chughtai Stories That Highlight Women’s Issues Pertinent Today

5 Ismat Chughtai Stories That Highlight Women’s Issues Pertinent Today

Stories by Ismat Chughtai continue to unsettle readers for portraying what is still considered to be tabooed and obscene to civil society.