Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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In this section, find articles on Indian feminist art activism (artivism) by Feminism in India.

Priyanka Paul’s Artwhoring Gives A New Avatar To Goddesses World Over

17-year-old Priyanka Paul from Mumbai is the newest feminist artist you'd love to follow on Instagram. A teenage artist, she draws goddesses of colour with a fresh perspective and a feminist avatar. She depicts goddesses, who are traditionally seen as epitomes of feminine divinity, as young women, who are epitomes of feminist liberation.

14 Illustrations On Anxiety That Will Make You Feel You’re Not Alone

Pranita Kocharekar really wanted people to know that they're not alone; she illustrates relatable feelings and emotions of an anxious person.

Femininity [Poem]

This feminine lends itself to reduction into numbers or lewd hand gestures. But the everydayness of the power, of her personal femininity, teeters on a thin edge. Every time her body makes her into a goddess, whore, angel, slut, or not feminine at all.

These Beautiful and Powerful Illustrations of Queens OnScreen Are Badass

The film industry is definitely changing its ways of depicting female characters on screen, but in many eyes that change is slow and selective. So slow that we must celebrate the mere spotting of a "strong female lead”. And that is the idea behind Queens OnScreen. That the heroine is just as badass as the hero. That she doesn’t need to talk, dress or behave in a particular way to win hearts.
the ugly duckling

The Different Duckling [Poem]

Rewriting that old duckling story, one verse at a time.
rhea mahanta pepper spray

Where Was Your Pepper Spray? [Slam Poem]

"Where Was Your Pepper Spray?" “You were even dressed decently!”
bigotry poem

Bigotry [Poem]

People are so used to bigotry, sigh!

Every Woman Is A Virago As She Exists [Poem]

Every woman is a virago as she exists. Could you accept two-thirds salary doing the same work?
mental illness

Comic: If Physical Diseases Were Treated Like Mental Illnesses

What if physical diseases were treated like mental illness? You get the point!
period positive movement

#PeriodPositive: Don’t Apologise For PMS

#PeriodPositive - a collection of period positive posters that are quirky, bold and out there for everyone to see!

What's Trending On FII?

Film Review: Section 375 Maintains The Narrative Of Disbelief In Survivor Stories

Film Review: Section 375 Maintains The Narrative Of Disbelief In Survivor Stories

If you want to see what that looks like on screen, you should watch Section 375, a courtroom thriller about sexual assault in the #MeToo era, a film that supposedly presents a “balanced” perspective, but ultimately sides with the accused.
What People Don't Tell You About Stretch Marks And PCOS

What People Don’t Tell You About Stretch Marks And PCOS

While people were quick to point out that stretch marks look ugly, or to ask how did I get them at such a young age in the first place, they never told me that stretch marks can be a symptom of PCOS.
St. Francis College, Hyderabad Takes Body Policing To A New Level

St Francis College, Hyderabad Takes Body Policing To A New Level

Recently, there has been a recorded incident about how the principal of St Francis College, Hyderabad, where girls have been asked to come to college only wearing kurtis “below” their knees in length.