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In this section, find listicles of Indian feminist books, book reviews and book excerpts by Feminism in India.

Menstrupedia comic

Menstrupedia Comic: A Review

Menstrupedia comic is a colourful and friendly way for young girls, boys, men, women, to learn about menstruation.
Hatred in the Belly book review

Hatred In The Belly Review: A Critique Of Brahminism

The book Hatred in the Belly is a critique of Brahminism itself. It is a critique of domination of upper castes in Indian scholarship, their caste blindness and their refusal to engage with the issues of representation.
Hatred in the Belly book review

Not a Review but a Request: Read This Book — Hatred in the Belly

Hatred in the Belly is education for people unaware of deeply-rooted caste politics.
no outlaws in the gender galaxy

Book Review: No Outlaws In the Gender Galaxy

No Outlaws in the Gender Galaxy answers some questions with a research study that attempts to understand gender through the lives of queer persons assigned gender female at birth.
Gender-based Violence: 5 Books & Literature As Witnesses

Gender-based Violence: 5 Books & Literature As Witnesses

Literature can zoom out what lies in the background - one of them being gender-based violence. 
avinuo kire the power to forgive and other stories

Book Review: The Power To Forgive And Other Stories by Avinuo Kire

Avinuo Kire narrates powerful tales of women overcoming oppression culled from folk and tribal traditions.
Book Review: 'Drawing The Line' Zubaan's Swanky New Graphic Novel

Book Review: ‘Drawing The Line’ Zubaan’s Swanky New Graphic Novel

Drawing The Line: see good Indian girls crossing the line!

“An Ideal Girl”: An Excerpt From ‘Drawing The Line’, A Graphic Novel by Zubaan

We are thrilled to bring you an excerpt from Zubaan's awesome new graphic novel 'Drawing The Line: Indian Women Fight Back'.
orlando virginia woolf

A Feminist Reading of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Biography

Orlando will alter the reader’s preconceived notions of male or female characteristics by highlighting socially structured gender & biological sex.

15 Books You Must Read To Understand Same-Sex Sexuality In India

Here's a curated – by no means exhaustive – list of books you can read to deepen your understanding of same-sex sexuality in India.

What's Trending On FII?

These Are The 15 Women Who Helped Draft The Indian Constitution/इन 15 महिलाओं ने भारतीय संविधान बनाने में दिया था अपना योगदान

These Are The 15 Women Who Helped Draft The Indian Constitution

On this Republic Day, let us take a look at the fifteen powerful women who helped draft the Indian Constitution.
Why Is There A Lack of Asexual Representation In Indian Media?

Why Is There A Lack of Asexual Representation In Indian Media?

Asexuality is often misinterpreted as a lack of sex by society, this leads to conflict between the asexual community and the society at large.

Mahasweta Devi’s Draupadi As A Symbol Of Subaltern Defiance

In Draupadi, Devi presents a strong woman who despite being marginalised and exploited, transgresses conventional sexual and societal standards.