MultimediaPodcasts Podcast: In Conversation With Neetu Chopra, The Free Flying Eagle

Podcast: In Conversation With Neetu Chopra, The Free Flying Eagle

Multipurpose With Lakshit is a podcast about change making which speaks of people's stories and speaks to people who are trying their best in change making through their unique life narratives.

Multipurpose With Lakshit is a podcast about making change which speaks of people’s stories and speaks to people who are trying their best in making a change through their unique life narratives. 

This is the story of Neetu Chopra, the Free Flying Eagle!

Neetu describes herself as the quintessential rebel fighting against patriarchy in her home state, Rajasthan, and within her community. Completing the Kashmir-to-Kanyakumari (K2K) ride, she became the first Indian woman to achieve this feat – something that all bikers dream of.

Neetu Chopra is India’s first woman to have completed this ride on her scooter to make a statement against the frequent gang rapes and violence against women that occur in India. She asks, “Holding placards and posters, sloganeering and candlelight marches are all just symbolic and lead to nowhere. Have they reduced crimes against women since the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder case?” “Nothing has changed and women in our country continue to be unsafe,” says Neetu.

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On her journey of riding, she also promotes Ladkiyon bahar niklo (girls, step out) campaign on a two-wheeler as a shout-out to young girls and women in India. She met many of them en route, from motley crowds to large gatherings, and addressed pre-arranged and spontaneous meetings. “I wanted to inspire confidence in women that it is okay to venture out even during odd hours,” says the Free Flying Eagle Neetu Chopra.

She is happy that she undertook this ride — even though she decided about it on an impulse. “I was addressing college students in Jodhpur on December 2. The gang rape incident was fresh in everybody’s mind and I mentioned that girls needed to be out of their safe zones to conquer their fears of being unsafe.

She says her physical and mental strength helped her pull this off. Four sets of clothes, a knife and a taser torch were all that she carried besides earning goodwill on the way.

On the podcast, she speaks about her journey and the problems she faced and still faces as a woman.

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Lakshit Kankariya is a 16-Year-Old podcast host, Instagram influencer & a bestselling author. He tries to create impact through sharing wisdom on Instagram and through his podcast. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

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