Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Indian Women Poets and Authors

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Indian Women Poets and Authors

FII and BT co-hosted a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on “Indian women poets and authors” at Breakthrough's Delhi office. The edit-a-thon was aimed at creating/editing wikipedia pages of Indian women poets and authors who lack representation on the platform currently.

Zehen’s ‘Main Yeh Bhi Hoon’ Monologues And The Fourth Mumbai Feminists Meetup

The fourth Mumbai Feminists meet-up was held on the 10th of January at the Hive in Khar. A performance by The Zehen Collective, as part of the ‘Pride’ events was the centerpiece of the event. The show was called ‘Main Yeh Bhi Hoon’ Monologues - discussions of coming out.

Third Mumbai Feminists Meet Up at TIFR Gardens

On 8th November, 2015, the third Mumbai Feminists meet up took place at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Gardens (with a gorgeous sea view) in Navy Nagar, Colaba courtesy Himadri Burman.

Second Mumbai Feminists Meetup at Vakoloft

On 25th September, 2015, the second Mumbai Feminists meeting was held at Vakoloft which was attended by Himadri, Japleen, Shreya, Vishwanath, Anchal, Anu, Vasundhara, Rashi, Paras and Robin.

First Ever Mumbai Feminists Meetup In August

Last week a bunch of us decided to hold a feminist meetup and form a collective in Mumbai- Mumbai Feminists.

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The F-word And Stand-Up Comedy

I am waiting for the day when a feminist stand-up comedian owns up to the tag, and makes money in the process. The laughs will follow.

Caring For My Mother After She Had A Stroke

I remember looking into her eyes and realizing that my mother had been fighting far too many battles on her own.

How I Discovered I Am A Demisexual

Demisexual is the word for people who develop sexual attraction only with those with whom they share an emotional bond.